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01 December 2023 / 18. Jamaad-Ul-Awwal 1445

Become Husayni 1440


Once again the Holy month of Muharram is upon us. Our days and hearts grow heavy as we start the new year with the remembrance of the Ahlul Bayt (as). During this month we take time out from our daily lives to reflect on the sacrifices made by Imam Husayn (as) and his family, during the tragic battle in Karbala.
This is a time to set aside personal new year's resolutions and look for inspiration; a time when we remind ourselves that Imam Husayn (as) would want us to use the event of Karbala to self-reflect on how to become better people and truer Shias.
This Muharram, the Islamic Education department of The World Federation brings to you a new initiative: #BecomeHusayni where are releasing four exclusive videos from scholars who outline a different lesson, inspired by Karbala, for us to reflect on and practice during the first 12 days of Muharram. Insha’Allah, we will then continue applying these lessons to our lives for the rest of the year ahead. 
Each video will have an introduction to the topic the day before it is to be released and a practical tip for us to implement the day after. If you would like to receive the daily #BecomeHusayni updates via WhatsApp please complete the form at and save The World Federation number on your phone: +447471162027. 
Click here to watch lectures from our regional body jamaats. 



 Exclusive videos:








The significance of the above verse from Sura Al-Fateha teaches us that we should never assume that we are guided 100%. This is why we always ask to be guided when we recite sura al Fatiha at least 10 times a day in our daily prayers. 



We are told by the Holy Prophet (S): Every eye will be crying on the Day of Judgement except the eye which has cried for Imam Husayn (as), He will be given the good news of heaven. Do we need to understand how does this make sense to us? The first question we must ask is it ok to do what we like? or hurt who we like? Then just cry for Imam Husayn (as) and think we will be forgiven and go to heaven?

Let us look at another Hadith, Hadith of Imam Ali (A): If a person recites the Holy Qur’an and still goes to the fire of hell, the only explanation is that he made a mockery of the Holy Qur’an.

This is the same way can make a mockery of Imam Husayn (as) and the tragedy of Kerbala. For example deliberately avoiding prayers, oppressing people around us and choosing not to observe the rules of Hijab.            

Imam Husayn (as) died to uphold the religion of his grandfather and we must seek ways to follow this religion to the letter, however, if we chose not to then we must ask ourselves what is the use of our tears?

Become Husayni:

Let us use this Muharram to re-evaluate our lives and if there is a Wajibaat we are not doing (fajr salaah, hijab) let us in the name of Imam Husayn make a resolution here and now, from this day forth to fulfill this wajibaat. Also, if there is something that we are doing that is Haraam (ghebah, lying, music) – let us again with the Wilayaat of Imam Husayn refrain from ever doing this Haraam act again.









فَإِذا عَزَمْتَ فَتَوَكَّلْ عَلَى اللَّهِ إِنَّ اللَّهَ يُحِبُّ الْمُتَوَكِّلينَ


And once you are resolved, put your trust in Allah. Indeed Allah loves those who trust in Him. (3:159)


This verse exhorts us to practice tawakkul - trusting in Allah (swt). Imam Husayn (a.s.) not only practiced tawakkul now and then but embodied it throughout his blessed life. In our video tomorrow, see how the Master of the Martyrs (a.s.) inspires us to make tawakkul an essential part of our lives!


Watch today’s video entitled “The Husayni Embodiment of Tawakkul” which features Shaykh Mohammed Ali Ismail.

Shaykh Mohammed Ali describes how we should practice tawakkul by placing all our trust in al-Mudabbir, the Administrator of the Universe, the Master Planner, Allah (swt).


Become Husayni:

This #BecomeHusayni practical tip from our second exclusive video “The Husayni Embodiment of Tawakkul” is how can we instil the culture of tawakkul in our lives? 
Think of the last time you felt stressed. If you were placed in a similar situation again, how could you manage your stress levels better by placing your trust in Allah (swt) and practicing tawakkul as taught by Imam Husayn (as)?








Struggle, hard work, and dedication in the way of Allah (swt) are essential when seeking His mercy. These were all manifested in the Language of Imam Husayn (as).



Watch our third exclusive video by Shaykh Mohammed Al-Hilli to hear about how the language of our Imam influenced the people who he came in touch with.

Become Husayni:

Identify a habit which you know displeases Allah (swt). What is it that causes you to keep practising it, and what can you do to break the habit?
Remember that only by struggle and dedication will we progress.  The month of Muharram is a wonderful opportunity for self- introspection, when we can think about making the right choices in life to transform ourselves. 
In case you missed yesterday's #BecomeHusayni video by Shaykh Mohammed Al-Hilli you can watch it here:





Islam teaches us to stand firm for our values and principles, regardless of the social pressure, blame or other consequences we may face.


How did Imam Husayn (as) embody this lesson? Find out tomorrow in our final #BecomeHusayni video series which features Shaykh Bahmanpour on *“Stand Firm for your Values”* 



In our final exclusive video for the #BecomeHusayni series, Shaykh Bahmanpour discusses how Imam Husayn (as) stood firm for his values without fear and despite the severe consequences. Watch ”Stand Firm for your Values” here: 

Become Husayni:

Have you ever compromised on your Islamic values?

Think of the immense sacrifices Imam Husayn (as) made, and his unwavering stance on the day of Ashura. How can his example inspire you to change your future behaviour?



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