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(Sixteenth Ordinary Conference)



Notice is hereby given that the Sixteenth Ordinary Conference of The World Federation of KSIMC will take place in Mombasa at Jaffery Islamic Centre starting at 9.15 am on Friday 13 March and concluding on Sunday 15 March 2020. Detailed programme will be issued in due course.


As per Clause 13 of The Constitution of The World Federation of KSIMC, Members are entitled to add items to the agenda if submitted to the Secretary General at least 45 days before the date of the Ordinary Conference. (The cut-off date for Triennial Conference 2020 is Monday 27 January 2020).


The Agenda for the Conference 2020 as set down by the Executive Council at its Fifth Meeting held in Birmingham, UK on 2 November 2019 with leeway given to Secretariat to amend the sequence was as follows:


1. Reflection on verses from the Holy Qur'an

2. Shariah Protocol and Guidance on Procedures of Conference

3. Setting the Conference Scene

4. Introduction of Delegates

5. Housekeeping Rules, Welcome Speeches from the chairman of Host Reception Committee,

6. Host Jamaat and Host Federation

7. Addresses by the Regional Leaders

8. Keynote Address by the President of The World Federation

9. Observations from the Floor

10. Minutes of the Fifteenth Ordinary Conference and Matters arising there from

11. Key Note Address by the Secretary General

12. Awards Ceremony

13. Economic Upliftment of the Community Report

14. Strategic Approach - Emotional Intelligence and Social Media

15. Secretariat Departmental Reports and Action Plan for the Secretariat for the term 2020-2023

16. Census Project

17. Madrasah Centre of Excellence Report and Plan for term 2020-2023

18. Presentation and Adoption of Accounts for the Fiscal Years 2017, 2018 and 2019

19. Budget Term 2020-2023

20. Electoral Commission - Report on 2020 Presidential Elections

21. The World Federation Foundation Fund Report

22. Presidents Strategic Subcommittee Report

23. Strategic Approach - Supercharging NGO Status

24. Strategic Approach - Influencing the Academia

25. A Consultation Paper on The WF as CIO - Charitable Incorporated Organization

26. Democratisation of Women's Role in Our Community

27. The Evolution of the Brampton Accord

28. Constitutional Amendments and Proposed Resolutions

29. Best Practices from Regional Members

30. Keynote Address by The WF President Elect

31. Election of Office Bearers, Councillors and Auditor

32. Election of Electoral Commission

33. Any Other Business 33.

33.1Abbasi Islamic Centre (Birmingham)

33.2Ali Ridha Islamic Centre (Essex)

33.3Al-Qaaem Project (Peterborough)

34. Close with Dua


Shan-e-Abbas Hasam

Secretary General

13 December 2019