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08 June 2023 / 19. Zil-Qad 1444

Foundation Fund

The Foundation Fund

A key objective for the World Federation is to ensure its own growth and sustainability as an organisation, so it can continue to have a positive impact around the world through community-centred projects.

To help achieve this, a Foundation Fund was set-up in 2010, with a primary aim to generate sufficient income from capital invested to cover the indirect and infrastructure costs of the organisation.

Following years of development of this fund, total investments at the end of 2017 made up £4.74 million. These investments have been made across a diverse range of asset classes, with returns generated from property investment, community investments, joint ventures and asset backed opportunities.



Investments 2017


Mobile Homes


Leicester Property


COEJ Investments


KSIMC Investments


Other investments


Total Invested


Total Yield for 2017 


The yield from these investments, for the year 2017, generated a 6.12% return, which – Alhamdulillah - equates to £291,450.

All investments made align with the spiritual values of the Islamic Shia Ithna Faith, which is stringently reinforced through the World Federation Investment Policy and Foundation Fund Team.

The principle of the Foundation Fund stems from the concept of ‘Waqf’, an Islamic tradition where land, buildings or money is donated, and the profits are used to support charitable causes. This beautiful tradition has now helped The World Federation launch a Zero percent admin policy, so we can continue to focus on serving humanity through our various international projects.

There are still additional pledges to be collected for the Foundation Fund and suitable investment opportunities are continually being pursued by the Trustees to expand the portfolio.

The target annual income return is c£500,000 which would require a minimum capital foundation fund of £10 million that generates an average yield of 5%.

If you would like to give to this fund and gain endless Sadaqah Jaariyah, whilst securing the sustainability of The World Federation, then please contact the Accounts team by email at [email protected] or call +44 20 8954 9881.

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