In November last year, the first version of the Teaching Skills Development Programme was developed by MCE after going through a long process of consultations, brainstorming sessions and meetings with teachers, trainers, religious scholars and training institutions. This programme paved the way for ‘live’ two-day programmes from January 2015 for madrasah teachers in Europe and Africa. The modules covered in the programme are:

  • Why teach?
  • Role and responsibility of a madrasah teacher
  • Planning and planning skills
  • Inclusive learning Assessment
  • Reflective practice and personal journal
  • Microteaching

On 3rd and 4th January 2015, MCE and the Council of European Jamaats (CoEJ) piloted the programme for Madrasah teachers for 2 days in Milton Keynes, UK. The programme was attended by 24 participants from madaris in South London, Peterborough, Leicester, Milton Keynes and Stanmore. One of the important additions to the programme was a 2-hours session on microteaching. Participants were required to put into practice some of the concepts of teaching covered during the programme. Some of the feedback received from the participants: It was an eye-opener and will definitely help me become a better teacher if not the best. Overall an excellent course. Very informative and should be made compulsory for all teachers. The course has been helpful and insightful. What MCE are doing is very inspiring and should provide more courses not just for teachers but definitely for parents as well. Sayyid Aliraza Naqvi was very engaging and had clearly prepared for this course. Excellent communication skills. Sister Mariam Hassam was very good. Very thorough, involved everyone in the class with all in her timeslot.

Teaching Skills Programme held in Milton Keynes, UK 3-4 January 2015