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12 August 2022 / 14. Muharram 1444

Bhuj Housing Scheme

The Bhuj housing scheme was created in order to permanently solve the displacement of families during the 2001 Gujarat/Kutch earthquake. The World Federation built housing as an immediate temporary solution for those families affected, however this wasn't sufficient for the long term. Through the tireless effort from the Kutch Federation President Gulam Virjee and Rajab Ali Hassam, the long term Bhuj housing scheme has been successfully completed. Families that lived in temporary housing can now finally move into high quality homes and begin restoring their lives back to normality.


"It is an excellent example of uplifting community members through combined efforts. Each and every one who made this possible is to be congratulated."

Anwarali Dharamsi, The World Federation President


Now that the new housing facilities have been built, there are plans in place to transform the old temporary housing facility into a social centre or sports club for the community.


Continuous community enrichment is a key goal for The World Federation and individuals like Rajab Ali Hassam, Gulam Virjee and Dr. Asgharali Moledina deserve a special thank you for their continued efforts, dedication and perseverance in driving this project towards being a success.


Through unity comes strength, and this project is testament to that fact. Inshallah with your continued support, The World Federation can continue to execute projects such as these.


As The Prophet (SAWA) said with regards to unity, ‘No sooner does a Muslim serve a group of Muslims than Allah will give him servants equal in number [to the group] in Paradise.’ [al-Kafi, v. 2, p. 307, no. 1]

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