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01 December 2023 / 18. Jamaad-Ul-Awwal 1445

The companions of Imam Hussain (as) - Hur ibn Yazid



Name: Hur ibn Yazid

Title: Al-Riyaah

From: Kufa

Date & Place of Martyrdom: 10th Muharram 61 AH, Karbala


Often in telling the story of Hur ibn Yazid, we concentrate on his change of heart and repentance at the eleventh hour.  His story is truly about how it is never, ever too late to embark on the Ark of the Ahlul Bayt (a).  He was blessed to have chosen the ship of Husayn (a), which is more spacious and sails faster.


However, there are aspects to Hur that are important to remember.  His change of heart required the very essential quality of humility.  He was willing to accept that he had made a huge mistake and to ask forgiveness in any way necessary to gain it from both Allah (SWT) and Imam Husayn (a), as well as the ladies of the Ahlul Bayt (a) to whom he apologised separately and with as much passion as he had the Imam (a).  (Source: Masa'ib al-Abrar)


Hur was able to 'free' himself from his perceived allegiance to the government authority he had thought he was bound by,  and more importantly from his own ego.  This was the most important leap of enlightenment that allowed him to save himself from the brink of Hell and rise up to the highest ranks of the Heavenly.  This was why Imam (a) declared he was 'a free man in this world and the aakhira.' (Source: Nawasikh al-Tawarikh)


Another aspect of Hur's repentance is how wholly Imam (a), as well as all his family and companions, accepted his repentance.  Once he had joined them, Hur was treated as if he had always been part of them with no one bearing him a grudge for the fact that he was the reason for their current position.


History states that Hur himself kept repeating his crimes and lamenting over them, but there is no word of reproach from anyone in the camp of Imam Husayn (a).  Hur's story is not just about how to repent, but also how to forgive.  It is about the very basic lesson that if you do anything for the sake of Allah (SWT), do it with all your heart and soul.



Masa'ib al-Abrar

Nawasikh al-Tawarikh


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