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22 February 2024 / 12. Shabaan 1445

Fatima Inspires AFED Nominations 2018

Fatima Inspires Nominations-  2018



   AFED - Africa Federation Nominations


1.  Shaida Abdulrasul


Shaida has provided selflessly to the Dar-es-Salaam community for over 15 years and prior to that to the Nairobi community. Shaida has given her time to the Madrasah and school and continues to do so till today. She started at the grass roots level and helped work out the challenges to bring good change and growth to her community. Shaida continues to be a dedicated and devoted wife and mother and at the same time educates herself thus continuing her personal and professional growth. So proud of you Shaida!



She is an exemplary lady in the KSIJ Dar-es-Salaam in many ways. She inspires us for Ziyarah, Umrah or Hajj. She encourages us to marry by helping lonely community members to find partners and join them through marriage.

She supports young girls to pursue their studies from primary to university levels in the country. She supports many Africans Shiah community initiatives and work through madrasah program in the villages via the mubalighiina. She does more than many of us men. mabrouk mabrouk mabrouk.



Our mother always taught us since childhood to respect everyone and to be kind to each and every one. She has inspired us in so many ways. She has always played a role of a mother and a friend in our life too. We learnt from her that Allah gives a problem with a solution. We need to find the solution. In Mombasa jamaat she is a very active volunteer in ladies section and is always ready to serve with a smile on her face and with friendly nature whenever she is asked especially when distributing fatyas or serving nyaz or making tea or coffee for the ladies function together with all her volunteer friends. She is famously known of her tasty "Dhokras" and "Rotis"

In her life, up to now she always believed and also taught us that always remember above everything Allah is our shade. She always worked hard to provide us with the best she could and she still works hard every day and night. She has been loved and blessed by so many people due to her soft heart and kindness. Our mother deserves this nomination as she has inspired us to be strong and selfless in life. She has taught us the true meaning of love and sacrifice too. " We pray to Allah to keep our mother under His protection and mercy and to grant her a long and a healthy life " Ameen.



First of all, she is my lovely mother, my role model and a great example to my family. She is a supporting wife to my father, Riyaz Bhojani who is currently vice president of DAR jamaat. Mom is also part of the Women empowerment group at Africa Federation. She has supported my dreams to achieve and strive towards my career from a very young age, I am a pharmaceutical scientist by profession.

Lived in the UK for 7 years, 3 years in Toronto. Leaving home at a young age requires trust and a lot of emotional strength from both parents. I am proud to say that all I have achieved is because of her. She is also an entrepreneur and handles two businesses one is a SPA and one is a boutique. Because it’s her birthday on 8th march and its women's day too. 

I would like to dedicate this hashtag #Fatima Inspires because I am sure that Bibi Fatima would be happy with what my mom is doing as a mother, a friend and a mentor. Mum always reminds me to perform different amaals, salahs and is always praying different doas for me. I pray that lady fatimah (as) asks Allah to keep my mom happy, healthy and that she should continue to inspire all the young woman around her.



5.  Salma Dhanani – Merali


Salma is the human version of love, kindness and compassion all rolled up into 1 person. She is one of the most patient people I have come to know, and always serves as a reminder that nothing is as bad in life as we make it to be. 

One of the most inspirational things about her is her commitment to the learning process and personal growth. She uses every opportunity and experience in her life to learn about herself, about others and to use what she learns to be better. She takes life as it comes, and inspires us to breathe a little, everything will be ok. 

On a professional level, Salma is an entrepreneur. She runs her own learning centre for children with disabilities from her home. Salma is a guide & mentor for people in their toughest times. She pushes them to keep going and achieve their goals & dreams when they want to give up. She is creative and always finding new projects to help enhance the learning experience. But most importantly she never gives up, on anyone.

Furthermore, Salma does voluntary counselling for people in various situations, listening to them, working with them, and supporting their rehabilitation. She is committed to her community and is always wanting to give back. From teaching in Madresah, being a part of the ladies task force and getting involved in various other community projects, Salma is engaged and goes above and beyond her duty to make sure people feel supported. 

To her family, she is a figure head for humbleness and open arms. Not to forget, she’s the best grand-mother ever! She does so much, expects nothing in return and anyone who knows her feels like they are safe, at peace in her presence. She inspires us to love, to be kind, and to not judge - for we never know what the other half of the story is.



Jamaat: Dar-es-Salaam Jamaat 
Nominated by: Inspired Family & Friends 

“Sofia Bharwani” - a Mother, Wife, Daughter, Daughter/Sister-In-Law, Sister, Aunt, Niece, Friend, Mentor, Guide, Teacher, Support, Homemaker, Pharmacist, Mountain Climber, Activist, Student, Humanitarian... but most of all an INSPIRATION.  

Sofia is a woman who endeavours to embody the spirit of her role model Lady Fatema AS. From humbleness, to great strength, wisdom and patience, to love and compassion, to faith and belief. 

As a “go-getter”, Sofia never lets an opportunity to learn or serve go by, to develop, to self-criticise and grow in character. From obtaining a Pharmacist’s degree (at a time when further education for girl child was far-fetched in her setting) and employing her expertise to Community or the nation at Eye Camps around Tanzania, or serving on Medical and Education Boards, to pursuing various continuous learning opportunities and lead youths of Development Society, and more! Sofia inspires us to DO, keep Being and to build on ourselves, clearly exhibiting there is always room to be better. 

At home front, a stay home mom, a wonderful wife and Daughter in law, she is a source of wisdom (as her name stipulates!) and confidence for her children, husband or extended family - always standing by their side, providing them with support in their own journeys. One cannot simply overlook a mention of her delicious Ice Coffee, Carrot cake & Dahiwara that leave her guests yearning till the next time they get to taste her wonderful food. And... when it comes to dreams, no one does it better than her. Leave it to Sofi to show us that there is no such thing as the right time or age or moment for us to achieve our goals. She marked her ‘half a century’ very uniquely by pursuing her teenage dream and co-headed a team of ladies to summit the roof of Africa, Mt. Kilimanjaro, and later trek to Mt. Everest Base Camp. She considers such ‘wanderings and wondering’ as holistic pursuits involving mind- body-soul and not only continues to take treks across the city, country and beyond, but allows it to continue grooming her spirituality too. Her courageous attitude towards such ventures is delightfully infectious. She instills this quality within all the women that she joins on her journeys with her. Sofia extended her spiritual challenge even further this year by traversing the Basra-Karbala distance (over 400km) by foot making her ‘journey towards truth’ ever more meaningful.

Sofia has taught in Husayni Madrasah, assisted in the Admin and presently a relief teacher, but most importantly, she is always a reminder that ‘to teach is to learn twice’. 
Hence, she considers herself a Student, open to learning, inspiring others not just to give knowledge, but to be humble enough to take it as well. Anyone who has had the honour to be taught or mentored by her will affirm to the insightful ways that she reaches out with and that she is a light that never fades, always shining .. showing a way, leaving all enlightened.

But most of all, she has faith, and belief in our Lord. An unwavering sense of love for our religion. Just as she is firm, and strong, she is graceful. Just as she is compassionate and understanding, she is wise. And in the face of challenge, she is an optimist, resilient and determined. She’s a force to be reckoned with, gentle on the outside, bursting with ideas, thoughts and dreams on the inside. 

And our favourite thing- her smile, her energy. She’s like a soft wind, gentle enough to make you feel safe, but strong enough so you can recognise her presence. She asks for nothing in return, and lives with open arms and an open heart. She is in all senses and forms, an inspiration, a guide, a strength, and our pride!



7.  Masuma Hassanali


Our mum is an inspiration through her passion for the community and her high regard for haqq. Ever since we were young girls, we saw our mum volunteering at the mosque. She was the assistant chair lady of Tanga jamaat and the vice principal of the Tanga madrasah. Outside of holding official positions in the communities she has resided in, we saw her help others through various mediums without expecting praise or recognition, she always has words of advice and will provide help to the best of her ability. What we have learnt most from her though, is her regard for haqq and the truth. In a world where standing up for the truth is tough, our mum has taught us that there is no other option, no matter who is in the opposition. It is a lesson that has taught us great integrity.



8.  Shahnaz Hirji


If it wasn’t hard every one could do it. It is the hard, that makes her inspirational! With no sign of desolation, with optimism at its peak despite the aches and pains that typically escort age, and with mastering her ‘mind over matter’ attitude which she brushes to each that she touches, Shahnaz is a fighter. At age 62, her enthusiasm for scaling to the roof of Africa is unmatched. She was the senior most of the 27 Khoja ladies heading to the roof of Africa, back in September 2016, to celebrate Eid Ghadeer and pledge allegiance to the Imam al-Asr (atfs) showing commitment in a unique way. 

For her this journey was only a journey within, following which she found her true potential and continues to pursue more challenges then age can defy, like saying ‘age is just a number!’. Within a few months she went on yet another such self-revealing journey, from the land of the roof of Africa to the land of the roof of the World, Nepal, where she trekked to the Mt. Everest Base Camp. She also recently accomplished the 440 km Basra-Karbala walk during the Arbain (1439AH), which she dubbed ‘The horizontal mountain’, where her summit attempt was more of an extensive spiritual rejuvenation connecting with the Imam AS, her sure way forward, capturing every moment as hers to develop holistically -not sparing to give and do her best! 

With her, every day is a new adventure. I am privileged to know and pleased to nominate her as my Fatema Inspires candidate. She is officially awesome!

Shahnaz, recently widowed, is mother of three sons and three daughters-in-law, and has exactly a quarter dozen grandchildren. Although, we shared the same community, I got to know her well when she joined our eye camp team about two years ago. More so, as we trained for Kilimanjaro expedition the same year and continued our joint passion and routines from then on. In this brief period however, she never fails to amaze me - whether it’s during the ‘walk – talk’ where she takes preference to deliberate on ideas or experiences resting aside the devilish prompting of discussing people; or with providing a wealth of information and guidance to enhance my God-conscious mind evermore to further my spiritual well-being; or for that matter with her  ‘hike-fit’ snack ideas, or sharing her engrossing experiences BUT most of all, her life changing wise words (or no words). All of these make the best emission way forwards.

She is a typical case of an inspiration, great inspiration. She exerts all she can to make her pursuit impactful for her personal spiritual journey, which is what I find truly inspirational and a learning opportunity. 

A strong woman, a kind that wouldn’t pray for the problem to ease but rather one that would pray for her strengths to augment so she can face them and emerge triumphed in His plan. She remains my partner-in-rise for personal growth, spiritual connection and self-empowerment. Her always-ready-to-amaze-me tour dreams including polar travel or riding along the highest motorable way of Leh-Ladakh, fascinations of sipping coffee at our next altitude challenge or .... are simply incredible travel imaginations that just breathes new life into my globe-trotting dreams adding more items to tick off my already bloated bucket list! 

Whether it’s physical health, mental healing, emotional support, compassion, motivation or a dose of spirituality, she would always have content to enrich one’s life, even in her silence; basically simplifying all down to these few words ‘expecting nothing: do your best: leave the rest to Him’ ... Thus benefiting hundreds of thousands under cover selflessly behind the scene, supporting numerous humanitarian initiatives along the way. With such wisdomful code of conduct, Shahnaz bai you definitely radiate the inspiration, encouraging the young and old to endeavour and be hopeful, to live their dreams and live life to the fullest. So please do celebrate your nomination under the Fatema Inspires initiative, that you certainly deserve!




The character of our school teacher Nasiba aunty always reminded us of the saying of Imam Ali (a.s) "live amongst people in such a manner that if you die they weep over you and if you are alive they crave for your company." Nasiba aunty during our school days and up to today she has taught us several lessons such as to always be a caring person and kind hearted. She always used to give all her students encouragements and love of a mother too. Up to today she always keeps on giving lots of encouragements to her students although she recently left teaching in school but she makes us feel of her importance too.

One good thing about her is that she always gives a smile no matter how far or near we may be. Her sallams are always with a smile on her face. May Allah swt gives her a healthy and a long life Ameen.




Sister Nazneen has been the Chairlady for the AhlulBayt Sisters Network (ABSN) for the past 15 years to date. This is the only Shia women registered organization in Kenya. It is committed to teaching women to become socially, economically and politically empowered. Ladies' support in the economical, spiritual and educational field has had a vacuum for many years and Muslim women are side lined in many areas as their ideas and needs are not taken seriously, hence ABSN, with Sister Nazneen's able and motivating guidance, opens its doors to membership to women from all backgrounds. Furthermore, given the famine hit regions in Eastern Kenya, ABSN jointly channels its efforts with various organisations to alleviate hunger, provides shelter and makes education accessible. 


She is a member of World Ahlul Bayt Assembly and represents in almost all the meetings in Tehran. She was also awarded the Goharshad Award in Iran last year. ABSN also hosts annual medical camps that are done to re-awaken the message of Lady Zainab (as) from a different prospective. During these camps, both Muslims and non-Muslims are treated and free medicines are prescribed. She was the Editor for Mujtaba magazine for 10 years - an Islamic magazine in English aimed for the children of today and leaders of tomorrow. She spearheads the collection of funds to purchase Iftar food packs every year for the distribution amongst the under privileged fasting muslims all over Kenya.

In 2016 Nazneen was awarded with the Goharshad International Award in Iran in recognition of her fantastic contribution and dedication to empowering women all over Kenya.



Nominating on behalf of our 2 kids and myself, and the majority of the kids of Nairobi Jamaat. Salma is a role model for every Shia girl in the modern world. Well educated yet careful of her Hijaab. Always going that extra mile to hold workshops for the younger kids to spread the word of the AhlulBayt.

She inspires us to stay on the right path no matter how difficult it may be.


May Allah(S.W.T) bless her and keep her strong to continue spreading the religion of truth.



12.  Shakera Kassim Dhanani


Shakera is my friend, philosopher, guide and also known as ‘SUPERWOMAN’. From friends & family, to workmates, everyone knows her as the person they can count on. Whether it is 4 am or 2 pm, she is there for you.

Shakera finds more hours than there seems to be in the day to make sure that everyone around her is accommodated, gets what they need done, and still manages her professional/voluntary work with her family life. She truly redefines the word ‘hospitality’. From being vice chairperson on the AFED Housing board, to her help in the constructing of the Mbagala mosque, to being on the Ladies Task force, and successfully chairing and putting together the Ladies Sports Festival 2014, Shakera has a smile on her face, and always has a solution for everything.

She is committed to her family, and is known as the go to person for friends and even strangers! She makes the impossible happen, and she does so genuinely. As a mother, wife, and daughter-in-law, she supports her family in whatever way they need, always putting them first. 

As a person, she is always developing new skills and using them to support the people around her - whether this is decorating, event planning, showing people around the City, or even just getting people in touch with one another. She pours her heart into everything she does, and never says no. She is a beautiful soul that is always giving energy to the people around her.



13.  Tanveer Khimji


My mother is the most hardworking person I’ve ever met & She never fails to meet her goals in life and that's why I am nominating her.



14.  Zainab Hassan Manji


A perfect wife an exceptional Mother and a wonderful Grandmother that’s who my mom is. She's a listener and a doer. She's a woman driven by compassion, by faith, by a fierce sense of justice and a heart full of love. So, this Is y I'm voting for a woman who is my role model, as a mother, and as a devoted person to her family A woman who has spent her entire life caring for us raising us without thinking of herself even a bit 

We love u.




The lady I have watched as I have grown up is none other than my mother. The mother of the whole ummah is lady Fatima, my mother’s qualities just reminds me of her. Her strength to overcome difficulty with a smile on her face, to take every test of Allah with positivity and energy to keep going. Her upbringing with honesty and Islamic teachings.

She is the one I admire and she inspires me ❤️ #Fatimainspires.




16.  Sajida Meghji


Our mother, is a gem and has inspired many people around the globe (she has too many friends).

She owns a boutique and is a business woman by profession. She works very hard day and night to provide the best for her family.

With her friendly and caring nature she always manages to win people's hearts and this has made her a prominent member of the Arusha jamaat.

She served as a vice chairlady for 4 years from 2010 to 2014, and is ever ready to help in any small manner she can, especially from behind the curtains: from mentoring youths to packing gifts for the winners in competitions in Mahe Ramdhan.
She also recites nawhas, marshias and munajats to seek the pleasure of Allah and the ahlulbayt.

She has always played a major role in our (her children) lives. Not only has she been a loving mother to us but also our best friend. We can always count on her and know that she will not judge us but rather guide us and support us if we are right.

She has always believed that God is the best planner and that we should fully rely on Him, be it in good times or during bad times.

She is an exemplary woman, a mother - the definition of the most pure love for her children. 

May the Almighty grant her all the happiness this world has to offer and His infinite mercy in both worlds. Amen!



Mrs Swaleha Mohamedali founded the SEN (Special Education Needs) department of Jaffery Academy, Arusha Tanzania. It is an institution that prepares special children to face the world despite their inhibitions. As the motto says "disability is not an inability" Mrs. Swaleha strives to train these children and due to that, she has raised the bar and created a 99% job employment rate for these special children with disabilities. 
As an innovative and forward-thinking woman, and her commitment towards her vision and a teacher for nearly 30 years, she has received the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) International Teacher of the Year award in 2013, in Austin Texas and is responsible for the empowerment and upliftment of a few staff members as well.
Also, she is currently the Tanzanian National Chair of the International Association of Special Education (, a member of the committee of the Special Olympics and the advisor to the City Council of Arusha.
Despite all her achievements, she is a down to earth person with a very sweet and friendly personality. She has always assisted and created opportunities for those who she can help, myself included, and I hope to follow her footsteps as I go through life. As a famous saying goes, 'educate a woman, educate a generation!' And that is how, she has inspired me by always helping people with a clean heart and the purest form of charity.



This person is worthy of nomination because she spends majority of her time dedicated to the special needs children of Arusha or for that matter wherever she is. She enforced the idea of a special needs unit in Arusha's Jaffery Academy and managed to get a whole 2 story building dedicated to the special needs students. Her efforts were recognized internationally in Texas in 2013 when she won the best teachers award and hence I feel it is time for us as a community to appreciate her efforts towards the Children many others just decide to ignore or abandon.



19.  Swaleha Mohamedali


Swaleha Aunty has been a great supporter in empowering the youth of her community, she has personally helped me develop as youth in realizing my potential. She is also the head of the special needs department at the community owned school Jaffery Academy in Arusha and has put tremendous effort in helping the disabled children in not only our khoja community but around the region of Arusha.


She has also received various rewards at international level for her outstanding achievements in the Special Education field. She is an inspiration to us and she has always been there to guide us along the way.



20.  Swaleha Mohamedali


I had known her just before she got married by then her education level was just o'level and she had attained a course in Islamic studies in a hauza in Iran between 1985-1987. While in D'salaam, she was a religion teacher between 1989-1992.After her marriage when she moved to Botswana, she managed to get a diploma in primary day care. With her devotion for education, she enrolled for a degree course in Bachelor in education inspite of being a wife and a mother to two children, and teaching Islamic studies in a school in Gaborone, Botswana 1992-2004.
After having returned back home to Tanzania, she settled in Arusha and opted to persue a masters in special needs education. After having achieved this, she managed to convince jaffery academy to have a special wing for special needs education, which today stands as a 2 story building, the only academy providing inclusive education in Tanzania.

The first teacher from KSIJ Africa Jamat awarded an international award in Texas in 2013.
She attended couple of workshops in UK and Tanzania on leadership programmes. 
Swaleha never stops her learning to date. May it be in acquiring leadership skills to chasing the local govt for the rights of persons with disabilities. She has it all. The aggression zeal, passion & vibrance is the secret to her success.



21.  Swaleha Mohamedali Chandoo


In the world which least recognizes a spiritual effort, there emerges Swaleha G M Chandoo.. Full of passion, enthusiasm and vibrancy.. never sees a dead end. Her belief in GOD and herself is so powerful and that boosts her to overlook all odds & challenges.
For Swaleha it is all about 
I highly nominate the one and only international teacher awardee of Tanzania KSIJ!



22.  Rayhanna Molu

Rayhana is a very down to earth, who treats everyone with the same respect.
She's forever smiling even with obstacles that come way. Her doors are always open when u need help or advice. She inspires me in lot of ways to do the same.



Name: Rayhana Molu
region: Mombasa

The lady who inspires me is a lot more than a sister to me. She is my best friend, my mentor, my guide and so much more. 

In my opinion, she is a wonderful sports woman, who not only has taken part in almost all the ladies sorts festivals organised by our community, but has also coached many of our girls in a number of activities such badminton, rounders, throw ball and scrabble to name a few. 

She currently organises ziarat trips under the banner of lashkare mehdi with an intention and zeal to support the elderly who are unable to travel by themselves, may be on wheelchairs or just generally need any kind of assistance. It is her passion to offer a helping hand to anyone that needs it. 

Ray as i call her, is an excellent cook, a great mother to her children and a wonderful reciter in praise of the holy household of the prophet and his ahlulbayt (a. S.) Through poetry as well as english lectures. She also has an excellent command over her knowledge of the quranic tafseer and nahjul balagha. 
Many people worldwide are benefitting from her knowledge which she is always ready to share. 

She has served as the headmistress of the husayni madressa in mombasa. She was one of the first people to bring to attention the hidden destruction behind the so called `islamic aqa syllabus’ which was being implemented in schools. As more people are now becoming aware of it's harm, it is slowly being eliminated. Alas, it is unfortunate, that most of her work has been overlooked and not recognised in the way it deserves to be. Nevertheless, she always stands for the truth and is continually found to make sure that decisions are made with justice, and this i applaud. 

Although not shia by birth, her faith in allah and his chosen ones is beyond comparison. I am convinced that she is one of the best examples of what a true follower of the ahlulbayt should be like and i'm sure many would agree. 



Considering the number of Gynecologists in our community, Dr. Shabnam made a bold move and decided to help out the women. Currently pursuing ObGy at Muhimbili University she finds time to balance studies and taking care of the house. She also participates in community organised Medical Camp or Seminar where she can help out as much as possible.

I pray to Allah (swt) to grant her success. May she be able to reach out to more women who may need a lady doctor for a woman matter.



25.  Mrs Sakina Ramadhan


I have been inspired by her dedication to the children of the Islamic nation. She has converted years before with deep conviction for the love of the Ahlulbait.Her inspiration being bibi sakina a.s that made her convert to Islam when she read about the tragedy of karballa. Ever since she has been working hand in hand to convert more rural communities towards Islam besides teaching the children Islamic religious education in jaffery academy for so many years.I am proud of her stature noble character and strength in guiding not only herself but many others towards the right path of Islam.



26.  Fatima Raza


Fatim bai, my 11th grade Madresah teacher, was among the very few teachers who believed in me. She managed to change my perspective not only about Madresah but about life as she taught me how to be myself and be on the truth all at once. She gave me the confidence to be a good Muslim regardless of where I was or who I was with by instilling in me values that I continue to carry to this date and hopefully throughout my life. She has had this rare ability to deliver religion in a way that was appealing to myself and to my peers.

I remember this one time that she walked into class dressed in a devils costume pretending to be Shaitan in order to teach a topic as simple as Overcoming Temptations. As 15 year old students, we all found it amusing or even lame for having her teach in a such a childish way. However, by the end of the class, she had not only taught us the mere topic she was meant to teach but also how to deal with life situations in the most practical manner. She did not only open our eyes to different realities, but pointed out the directions for us and then compassionately walked us through. She has inspired many and continues to do so to this date. It is because of her belief in me that I became a teacher at the Madresah and I aspire to be a teacher as passionate as she is.

Fatim bai, words cannot express my gratitude to Him for having blessed me with a teacher like you! Your reward lies with Him as Imam al Baqir (a) says, "He/She who teaches an item of knowledge that leads to the right guidance will be having the same rewards of them who apply that item to themselves, without any decrease in their rewards."



27.  Zakiya Riyaz Ali Khamisa


Zakiya is a mother of 2, wife, lawyer, friend and community support. A woman of immense personal strength and deep belief in Allah (s.w.a), Zakiya shows us what it means to truly be a fighter in times of difficulty. 

She is a dutiful Mother & wife, tending to her family while also balancing a booming legal career. She always makes time for her children and their needs, puts their interests, health and safety above all else. Professionally she works unbelievably hard, and not just because it’s her job - but because she finds honour and pride in what she does. She handles big cases, within national and international courts and circumstances - an inspiration to all women who have dreamt of having a career. She embodies the true spirit of hard work & commitment. She is a true believer in prayer and takes any opportunity she can get to put together Ziyarat Ashura and other Amaals to bring people together, and to bring them together to provide strength to one another. 

As a friend, she never forgets the important days, even when you do. She’s always there to provide a listening ear, to share her advice and to just be there when you need her. 

Her work with the AFED housing board is a testament to her belief in community and empowerment. Despite her schedule, she still finds to time to do pro-bono legal work to ensure our Jamaats are going in the right direction with their economic housing initiatives. 

Zakiya is an inspiration to women who want to do everything - who want to be involved in the community, and to have a career. To have a family and to have friends. She is smart, and she is good at all that she does. And she shows us, no matter where you come from, it is hard work, ambition, and faith that can get you places. Thank you for being such a wonderful person and example of strength for everyone who has had the chance to know you.



"Your mother is a door Allah (swt) opened for you, don't close it"

We would like to nominate our role model, our biggest strength and support our Mamma. 

Despite being a single mum of 4 and struggling she brought us up to be what we are today, be it through her love, or the endless duas and namaaz she prayed for our well-being. 

She is our pillar and our inspiration. 

Fatema, Zainab, Sayda and Hassanali.

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