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12 August 2022 / 14. Muharram 1444

Fatima Inspires FAC - Federation of Australian Communities Nominations 2018

Fatima Inspires Nominations-  2018



FAC - Federation of Australian Communities




The community in Sydney is blessed to have a person like Aunty Amina to guide our children. Her selfless dedication to the madrasa is a lesson to the younger generation. In the last eleven years Aunty Amina has taught my three children and I am impressed not only by the depth of her knowledge but also the interest she takes in every student. All three of my children believe they have a special relationship with Aunty and she has a very special place in our hearts. May Allah bless her.


Teaching is her vocation, instilling children with a liking for Quran recitation, even our boys, through a sincere and personal interest in the child, as well as encouragement. Thankyou Aunty for laying the groundwork through your tireless efforts.


From the day I met Aunty in 2006, I have always admired her for not one but many fantastic qualities. I admire her dedication to her students, her honest and straightforward personality, her zeal for life, her enthusiasm and creativity. She sets a perfect example of a good Muslim, balancing work, spirituality, family life and community service. 


Aunty Amina inspired me from the day I met her. A teacher by profession, she exercises discipline in all aspects of her life and has contributed significantly to Imam Hasan School. Always ready to lend a helping hand, and with gardening as her hobby, she amazes me with her multi skilled persona. 



2.  Sabica Manjee

As a mother when you saw your daughter was being acknowledged and recognised as role model in community, not for her professionalism characteristic, but also as family and community oriented person, you feel gratified. Sabica is a devoted follower of Ahlul Baith s.a and it reflects through action in her life.

As a director of Manjees Accounting and Taxation Services and assisting voluntarily to few charity non for profit organisations including Khoja Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat of Melbourne, AMAFHH federation and Panjtan society of Victoria, she confirm her devotion towards Lady Khadijah s.a. Taking care of her family as loving wife, mother of two kids Zainab 6 years and Mahdi 2 years old, established a great relation while sharing house with her in laws as the follower of lady Fatima s.a and when it comes to defending community values and moral, she follows the footstep of lady Zainab s.a.  

Her inspiration of Lady Fatima s.a as a role model for Muslim women in family and society. She believes women plays a vital role in building and maintaining family structure and in large society. She is empowered by her faith, love, respect and supporting others, which she gains through patience and persistence. She loves to empower others to greater levels of self-acceptance and self-worth. I would like to request our community to support their daughters in the development of her family structure with love, respect and patience to drop the high rate of divorce from our community.  

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