Last week, we looked at the first ten nominations that we had received for the Fatima (sa) Inspires Campaign.  This week, we look at the next ten.

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11 - Sister Tahera Kassamali (popularly known as Taherabai) of Toronto by Fatema M. Dewji

KNOWLEDGEABLE - I love the way she combines religious teachings together with wisdom from secular sources whenever she delivers any talks.  Her majlises are always well researched and recited from memory, including the Quranic verses and ahadith.  In addition to her talks, I have found her publications to be extremely useful for my family and myself.  Some of them include her book on “Raising Children”, her Islamic fun books for children and her dua publications for various Islamic months.  I still benefit on a regular basis from her weekly Quranic reflections posted on the Academy for Learning Islam Facebook page and her online courses.

HUMBLE - Although she has achieved so much and is so popular that when she is delivering lectures there is no need to persuade women to attend, they will flock to the program; Taherabai remains a very humble person.  That to me is very inspiring because she walks the talk and is a model of a true Islamic personality who follows on the footsteps of Lady Fatima (a).  

WISE - Whenever I spend time with Taherabai whether it is over a cup of “Chai” or communicating with her over email, I know that I will always benefit from her knowledge and wisdom.  With a great listening ear, she truly listens without judgment and shares advice that I always find beneficial to hear.

May the Almighty forever bless Taherabai and reward her abundantly for all her selfless services to the community.

12 - Marhuma Maryambai Vakil by Iram Fatima A. Manji

I would like to nominate my Grandmother, Maryambai Vakil by Iram Fatima A. Manji

In the year 1930, in a class room in a small village in Vertagi, Gujrat … a normal class session was going on. When suddenly the quiet air was disturbed by an elderly lady, who requested the urgent need to excuse a seven year old girl from class. Being a small village, almost everyone knew each other, so as she signalled the girl to leave with the elderly lady she said,”someone died again…? 
“Yes, Sughra Bai ( its an imaginary name but the incident is true. ) has passed away in the morning…we need someone to recite majlis…”

That child was Maryam Bhojani, who later became Maryam Vakil after she got married, and later was popularly known as Zakira Maryambai, or Mulyani-Maa, started her majlis recitation at the tender age of 5 years. And I can never forget the fact that she always mentioned that she never took a book or paper with her while reciting.

She belonged to a family of nine sisters and a brother.

My earliest memories of my grandmother are those of like all grandmothers…being loved, pampered…and the kindest being ever. Always awake at fajr, but looking so fresh and a glow on her face. Even at five in the morning hair neatly combed, smelling of the best attar.

How can i describe her? A perfectionist who asked no one for help but Allah and Ahlulbayt. Literally even during her final days, in her sickness…never asked anyone to get a glass of water.

Although circumstances did not allow her to complete her school or attend college, but by the time i was in fourth grade she was already reading and writing Gujarati, English, Urdu, Arabic and a bit of Farsi (Persian) . If there is one person I have seen with a a strong will power it is her. She had made up her mind and she achieved much more than she had perhaps dreamt of.

She never imagined she would travel out of Bombay, but as Allah says you take 1 step towards His cause and He takes 10 steps towards you, and very soon she was blessed to spread the religion of Allah to different parts of the world by reciting Majalis. She had perhaps travelled half the globe before i had even learnt half the names of the places at school. Her will power and determination and her un-deterring faith in the Almighty…she was miraculously blessed with oratory powers that made her famous all over. Come with me Iram, I remember her always telling me while she’d be packing for her trip and i’d always say, “next time Dadima", I wish I had gone.

Her achievements … Allhamd too many, but the tip of the ice berg…she was given the lifetime achievement award from Bhavnagar Jamaat and from Haji Naji Trust of Bhavnagar

Her other achievements:

- she was the Principal of a primary English Medium school

- Active social worker

- Member of Gujrat ladies society

- Attended and mastered - stitching, knitting

- Attended First Aid and home nursing classes

- Writing regular in many Gujarati magazine like Alamdar etc

- Wrote many small and pocket size Dua books.

- Her most popular book is Karamatai Quran, its the collection from different sources and the merits of recitation of different Sura’s of Al Quran. Its in Gujarati and English.

- Started and managed Orphanages in India

Though she was very active in society, she never gave a chance to her family to complain, was very active at home also, and raised a family with five sons and a daughter. I always remember how my father would always give my grandmother’s example of never wasting time, and how she used to utilise her time to the fullest and while commuting esp. on the busy buses of Bombay she’d finish reciting all her Suras and Duas. Even with all her commitments and till her last days, there may be few days or none when she never recited the entire Majmuo in a day.

In a nut shell…she was a living example and inspiration for all. Marhuma was a proof that if u will and try and have faith in Allah and His chosen ones, anything can be achieved.

Her life was spent in gaining and imparting knowledge, she wanted to learn something new everyday of her life.

We miss her tremendously and pray that Allah gives her a high status in Heaven with His chosen ones, Ameen.

13 – Batul Fatima Gulani of Australia

Syeda Fatima Zehra (sa) is a beacon of inspiration for Muslim nation and her followers exhibit such traits by inspiring those around them; one such follower is Batul Fatima Gulani. Batul Gulani is a professional psychotherapist, senior supervisor, mother to three children, an inspiration to a generation of Melbourne youth from all communities and the founder of the Australian-based Shia Charity organisation AMAFHH Federation, which offers support services to culturally and linguistically diverse communities of Australia. 

Batul Gulani’s selfless dedication, leadership and hard work is a model for many youth. Through her work and services, she has empowered many youth, especially female youth to lead with confidence and be strong ambassadors of Islam in the west. At the community front, she has lead by example by being an active volunteer, leader and senior respected teacher at madressa. She has organised many educational and informative sessions to increase the knowledge and skills of the Shia community. She has volunteered countless hours to assist in establishment of the first Shia school in Melbourne. Most recently she has played a key role to support the establishment of Khoja Shia Ithna-Ashari Jamaat Melbourne and is playing an active role in the areas of Women and Madressah. 

‘Charity begins from home’ and Batul Gulani’s motherhood is itself an inspiration for many. She is a mother of three youth who have all been raised with the principles of selfless dedication, sacrificing time and energy for community, strong leadership skills with Islamic and professional excellence. Her children are playing leading roles in the Shia community and she has been the backbone behind her children’s success.

Batul Gulani is very well known amongst the Australian mainstream charity organisations, local and federal government and has played a pivotal role in Melbourne by establishing a platform to introduce and engage Shia community leaders with community organisations and government bodies.

We, the Shia youth of Melbourne are inspired by the Batul Fatima Gulani and pray for her long life to continue serving Syeda Fatima Zehra (sa).


14 - Shahida Iqbal Fazal Alimohamed of UK, nominated by Zainab Fazal

I have always wondered how I could possibly honour my mum and have always wondered how all I could show my appreciation for her and towards her. Once I saw the #FatimaInspires campaign I knew that I had to send in a few words with regards to my mum. I personally think words can not do justice in describing just how much my mother means to me and how much love I have for my mother. The values, respect and love for our deen me and my siblings have is all due to my mother and father. 

My mother has always been and continues to be my role model. She encompasses patience, care, love, respect, honour and many other amazing attributes. 

Although a part of the Stanmore Masjid community my mother is involved in other masjids like Babul Murad and Hammersmith. My mother has always had a happy and grateful attitude towards life Alhumdulilah. Always positive and this reflects in the work she does for the masjid and outside of the masjid. 

For those who know my mum know that she is extremely creative Alhumdulilah and flowers are her passion. She also works in a care home as well as looks after children (some who have had special needs) I am extremely proud of my mum and hope that someday I can be an ounce of what an inspiration she is for me to my children. 

An amazing woman who thinks of everyone else before herself, a woman who truly cares about people no matter what race, religion. A humanitarian, an inspiration to all because of her loving caring nature. 

With love from Zainab

15 - Zakira Mahjabeen Dhalla of Dubai, nominated by a group of Sisters from Dubai

In sister Mahjabeen, we have found a teacher, sister, counsellor, friend and role model. She inspires us to value and follow our deen for the beautiful gift it is and has instilled a sense of pride in us for being Muslim women. When she speaks, it comes from her heart with complete sincerity, and is therefore able to penetrate the hearts of her listeners and drive her words into action. When she walks into a room, she lights it up and radiates positive energy. 

Mahjabeen is a selfless, kind hearted and humble person who not only talks the talk, but walks the walk too. She has a gift of being able to understand and interpret information from our texts and inspire us to apply it to our daily lives.

For our classes, she always presents a rich, well researched, captivating talk and encourages everyone to attend and participate regardless of age or background. She is able to relate to any age and change her language and tone to fit in accordingly. 

Our community in Dubai has benefited immensely by having her amongst us. We are eternally grateful to her and always pray for her continued tawfeeq and success in this world and the hereafter. 

16 – Zakira Sabira Mazhar Hussein by Sr Elina Dawoodani Wadia, Mumbai.


A young girl, in a crowd of a thousand, sat awestruck, inspired and fascinated by the lecture she was hearing on Mahdaviyat.

Before I move on, let me inform you that it takes quite an impactful person to catch the attention of teenagers and youth to sit for 45-60 minutes hearing a lecture on Mahdaviyat. 

She is none other than Zakira Sabira Mazhar Husein or fondly known as Sabira Apa to the thousands who know and love her. 
A Masters Degree in English Literature, a Bachelor's in Arts with an English Major and History Minor, and about 24 years of gaining/imparting Islamic knowledge, I can say that she is by far one of the most well read woman speakers of our time. 

Lectures, Ashras, Khamsas, Seminars,Workshops and Training Sessions on topics like Mahdaviyat, Rights of Women in Islam and Wilayah are her forté. The lectures started with an Ayah from the Quran and a Hadith from the Ahle-Bayt (as) hence always reminding us of the pillars of Islam "I am leaving among you two things :The Book of Allah and My Ahle-Bayt " 

Her dedication to the House of Lady Fatima Zahra (sa) shone in her eyes and showed in her actions. Her work in the field on Woman Emancipation, Female Education has been immensely lived by those who got an opportunity to study. 12 years on the Advisory Panel of Jaffari Islamic School (Mumbai) and she also played a prominent role in the MSI (Muslim Sisters of India) under the aegis of the Al-Imaan Foundation headed by Hujjatul Islam Sayyed Mohammed Musavi.

Throughout her service to Woman Empowerment her belief stemmed from the ideology "If you educate a woman, you educate a Society". She has conducted numerous workshops for women and students on professional advancement, spoken and written English, prepared women of our jamaat to speak confidently at interviews and those who did not have an formal education, she helped in setting up small scale home based businesses like embroidery, tailoring, catering services etc. Many of the upcoming Zakiras were mentored by her and she taught them khutbas,masaeb and selection of majlis content suitable to the audience they addressed. She conducted Quran Tasfeer classes for youth and adults for over 10 years, another 1st in Mumbai City.

She worked closely with the Khoja Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat of Mumbai on the "Ghar-Sansaar Committee" (The Social and Family cell of the Jamaat dealing with marital issues )A remarkable observation from her end during one such case was that of a male with a split personality, which led to convincing the senior panelists that, a psychiatrist was needed to confirm her observation. At a time and in a community where the word psychiatrist and psychologist was linked to labelling the person as a "mad person" she proved that there were people with disorders and problems who needed professional help and if someone needs help he/she is not "mad".

She was a student of and soon a teacher for Association Of Imam Mahdi (atfs). She chose to teach at a suburb which was predominantly Sayyad populated. Here she taught the curriculum (Islamic) and taught the young girls English and convinced the parents to enroll the girls to handicraft,cooking, english courses so as to aid them to amalgamate into the work force. Her vision, determination and hard work in this field made many male dominated Islamic foundations take notice .

A polyglot, (English, Hindi, Urdu, Gujrati, Kuttchi, Marathi, Farsi and part spoken Arabic and French) made her popular amongst the children,youth, elders, Shiite, Ahle Sunnah and Interfaith congregations. She has delivered lectures in New York, California, Atlanta, Minnesota, Houston, Boston,AllenTown,MaryLand,San Antonio,Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, London,Birmingham, Leicester, Sweden, Dar es Salaam, Nairobi, Madagascar, Reunion Islands, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad.,Gujarat and Delhi. She has not only been welcome to Khoja Centres but is also welcomed by African, Pakistani and Arab centres. 

Besides delivering lectures and majalis, Sabira Apa was also very active during the months of Mahe Rajab and Mahe Shabaan, she produced and directed many stage dramas of stories from our Prophets (as) and important personalities of Islam such as Behlool. This trend found its way into other jamaats throughout India.

An Educational Consultant by profession, with an in depth knowledge of Islam she has been invited by Universities in the United States of America as a guest lecturer on topics such as Religious Tolerance, the History of Islam, Islam as a Culture of Life, Multiculturalism. 

She has also aided many Madressahs in formulating their curriculum, training the teachers to teach the curriculum in a child centred, teacher directed approach. 

During her recent visit to the Reunion Islands during the month of Muharram, she was interviewd by a Radio/TV channel called Khoja TV and Radio, where she delivered lectures, spoke to people who tuned into the show, conducted Q&A and Chat sessions. She has also been interviewed by Imam Hussein TV 3, based in Karbala, during her visit for Arbaeen. 

In September 2012, she migrated to Montreal, Canada. As she amalgamated into the society, she took up the challenge of learning French and further enhanced herself. During this time,she also became a part of "Le Centre Communataire des Femmes Sud-Asiatiques" Centre of South Asian Women. In a country like Canada it is very difficult to offer any services without having any Canadian qualifications, but her zest to help women in need, was strong and she started volunteering and consulted women one-on-one, spoke of the importance of learning French. She has mentored and helped many women in Montreal, helping them to become autonomous and get part time jobs. 

Let me conclude by saying that this is just her start in Canada. 

I consider it a great privilege to know her so closely, befriend her, and have her as a guide and mentor in my life. When I think of inspiration, I think of Sabira Apa, her love for the Ahle-Bayt (as), the Hujjah (atfs) of our Time and her passion for Woman Empowerment using Lady Fatima (sa) as an inspiration. The best form of inspiration that ever lived. 

17 - Tahera Hasham, Dar-e-Salaam by her daughters; Shahista, Zohra and Ateqa

A Woman who has not only raised three children, but built a business that has supported the education for her children. My mum lost our father when we were very young and never made us realize that we belong to a single parent family. She supported all our hobbies and at the same time ensured that the principles of Islam were instilled in us and that our lives revolved around the religion. She ran the business and also continued the charity work my father had left half way. She fulfilled my father’s dream of educating his children and making us live our dream with one being a pharmacist with a master’s in public health, a dentist and another pharmacist. Calling her a superwoman will still be less for her. She is an inspiration and a role model to us and all the women out there, that as long as you have the determination and the will power anything is possible.

18 – Marhooma Shaheen binte Anwarali Bhanji by her family

We are nominating our mom, marhooma Shaheen binte Anwarali Bhanji of Minneapolis, Minnesota for the#FatimaInspires campaign. Our mom passed away four months ago and was an absolute angel. Below is our submission:

Lady Fatima was the center of her family. So much so that Allah (SWT) refers to the household of the Prophet (SAW) as "Fatima, her father, her husband, and her sons" in Hadith-e-Kisa. 

Mom was the “Fatima” of our family, binding us together through love, service, and faith. Below are short vignettes from each member of our family, sharing the way Shaheen binte Anwarali Bhanji changed our lives. 

**From Abbas (Husband): Early in my career, I was assigned tough projects at work. Naturally, I would become worried and nervous. But every time I would get concerned, Shaheen would tell me not to worry. She would say that she has full faith in Allah and that she will pray for me. So, while I was busy at work trying to resolve the problems, Shaheen used to be at home making duas. At the end of each dua, she would call me and ask if the issue had gotten fixed. If not, she would continue making duas until the issue was resolved.

I used to worry about how we would manage to send three kids to college. She told me not to worry and that Allah would help us. She was right. Alhumdulillah, all three children finished up college just fine. Her unwavering faith in Allah (SWT) made her the best friend, adviser, and wife I could have ever been blessed with. 

**From Mohammed (Oldest Son): Just one month before Mom passed, I had been very stressed out. My job was more stressful than ever, and I was having a difficult time seeing Mom’s health take a turn for the worse. I was very down and was not looking forward to the week ahead. Mom, completely bed-ridden, forgot about herself for that moment and she said, “Mohammed, come here.” 
I sat next to her and she said, “Mohammed you look very worried, is everything ok?” I told her that everything was fine and that she had nothing to worry about. She said, “No Mohammed, please tell me what is wrong.” I opened my heart and shared my worries about work and life. She replied with confidence, “Don't worry about a thing. Just have faith in Allah.” She took my head, placed it in her lap, and began to massage it.

It was amazing that even when she was in pain, she always thought about others. In many ways, perhaps it made her overcome her pain. And she was right. Everything was just fine. Allah was there for us.

**From Zohra (Daughter, Mohammed’s Wife): There is one special event that I'll always cherish and remember. It was during Mom’s last few weeks. I had a doctor’s appointment to discuss my pregnancy.

I received a call from Mom. Mom at that time had started to lose her voice and it became very difficult to understand her over the phone. I became worried… was Mom okay? When I called her back, I could finally make out her words and was in awe. Even though she was so weak and could barely talk, Mom called to find out how my check-up went. Her genuine thoughtfulness and care will always remain in our hearts.

**From Shireen (Daughter): There came a time when college ended and real life began. I was struggling with my manager at work. I was worried sick. Mom could tell that I was stressed, scared, and wanting to throw in the towel. She became my closest friend and confidant. I would talk to her day-in and day-out, endlessly crying on her shoulder, seeking comfort and advice through her. She patiently listened to me every single day, becoming a source of peace, tranquility, and strength in my life. Her loving nature, her genuine listening ears, her patience, her humbleness, and her pearls of wisdom were just a few of the many qualities I take away from Mom and hope to find within myself insha'Allah. Being a mother myself now, I realize how difficult it is to exhibit these traits with children. Mom, however, never had a problem with it.

**From Aasiya (Granddaughter): My Nanima was the best. I called her my “cookie dough Nani.” She was very sick and in a lot of pain but she would read so many books to me. We would do puzzles, play with play dough, learn the Arabic and English alphabet and she would feed me too. I enjoyed eating with her the most. She would tell me stories and lullabies. She loved me so much. She shared stories about life and how I am a good girl and will continue to be as I grow up. I miss her a lot, but I always eat the type of egg she would eat... I call it “Nanima jaisa anda.” I remember her a lot. She wouldn't get upset at me. She would hug and kiss me a lot and gave me the best gifts.

I miss you cookie dough Nani.
**From Ali (Son, Shireen’s Husband): The thing I remember most about Mom is that she was always there for everybody. No matter if you knew her for many years or just a few days, she always cared for you. No matter what the circumstance, no matter what time of the day or night, if someone needed her, she always made time for them. Through her actions, she taught how to love unconditionally and have an open heart. I am not sure how she found strength to stay up late nights to recite duas and amaals for those in need but she did. She showed a complete acceptance, love and understanding of Allah. Even with cancer, she still did not complain to him, she made her faith in him stronger. For the last three years, life has been a struggle for me. When I would speak to Mom in regards to my problems, she would always tell me that she is praying for me and my family. Even the last few months of her life fighting this vicious cancer, she was unconditionally praying for us. For that, I am very grateful to know someone like her.

I also remember when I would visit Minnesota she would prepare the most delicious food for me. By far, my favorite was her steaks. Till this day, I cannot compare her cooking to any other. I swear when I left Minnesota, I would feel five pounds heavier from all the delicious feed she would prepare for me.
Throughout her life, Mom recognized what others needed before taking care of herself first. Thank you Mom for showing me what love, commitment, and family is all about. Thank you for being a wonderful inspiration for me and my kids. Thank you for always being there for us as this is truly one of the best gifts you have given me.

**From Amin (Youngest Son): Mom loved with such intensity that it would soften my heart during the hardest of times. I recall a moment in my career when I was preparing to give what seemed to be the most important presentation of my life to a group of senior leaders at my company. As I walked to the presentation, I thought to myself, "If I mess up during this presentation, my entire career will be finished." My mouth became dry and body became stiff as anxiety took its toll on my being. But right before I reached the meeting room, my phone buzzed. Mom had left a voicemail. In the message, she said, "Remember that I love you my baby." Her intense warmth broke the lock on my cold heart, and I was finally able to breath. 

Even today, before every important speech, meeting, or event, I remind myself, "No matter what, my mom will still love me," and it puts my heart at ease.

**From Sana (Daughter, Amin’s Wife): Mom deeply, sincerely cared about each and every family and community member. I remember when Amin and I were hosting our first dinner party. We had invited twelve new friends to our apartment… and we had no clue what we were doing. How should we plan the menu? Portion sizes? Timing? I was worried that this was going to be a disaster. 

I called Mom for help. Her soothing words of encouragement and advice from years of managing such events erased my anxiety. On the day of the dinner party, Mom called a total of four (maybe five) times to make sure everything was going well. She helped me figure out when to take out the peanut chicken, how to keep the dhaal warm, and the best way to serve fruit punch. When everything was ready, I took pictures of the dinner spread and sent them to her. Mom replied and said that she was proud of me. It made me feel amazing.

To put things into perspective, this was only two months before Mom passed away… Even in her last months, she cared about us and our happiness so much. This spirit of empathy and selfless caring is rare to find and it is something I truly admire about Mom. Learning from her example, I aspire to develop these qualities in myself, InshaAllah.

19 - Gulzar Fatima Syed (Also known as Enab), Australia

Before my nomination I would like to thank you for coming up with such a great initiative to honor the role models in our community. I found out about this campaign after we had a similar activity at the youth camp organised last week and I thought this is the prefect opportunity to appreciate and tell the world about my inspiration.

I nominate Gulzar Fatima Syed also known as Enab, I am inspired by many other people too but she is the most special inspiration to me because she proved that age is never a barrier to make a difference, only in her early 20s but she's achieved a lot at such a tender age. I love how she has beautifully managed both her education as well as religious duties and succeeded in both masha'Allah. An accountant by profession and a very active youth of the Melbourne community is an inspiration to many like me.

It is rightly said that names affect the personality of an individual and maybe that's the reason why she has all the qualities of Bibi Fatima (AS), a religious, caring, humble, selfless, wise, dedicated and always ready to help kind of person.

I only got to know her after she moved to Australia but have heard that she started hijab at a very young age, before she even became baligh and has been carrying it off so well masha'Allah that she inspires us to wear the hijab of Fatima (AS). She also participated in speeches and writing articles for a monthly Islamic magazine which led her to reading majalis at the age of nine only!

After moving to Melbourne at the age of 13 she used to accompany her father to different areas daily to teach Quran and I'm proud to be amongst the kids she taught Quran to. Later in Ramadhan she started Quran Khwaani in the ladies where she would gather all the kids and complete a siparah each day. She also organised Ramadhan Duas in the ladies and encouraged girls to take part in it, she was always there to boost our confidence to read in public, for the ones who were shy she used to personally sit and prepare the Duas with them several times until they gained the confidence. She also organised the first 'Qirat Competition' in the ladies which was a major success. These are just a few of the many activities she has organized by being an active youth member of the community and youth group.

Apart from being an active member of the youth group she is also involved in the Madressa, one of the youngest teachers to join Madressa and loved by all her students. She has been blessed with excellent communication skills and uses it in the right way. Through her teachings and actions she motivates us to follow the right deen, Islam.

She's always encouraging the girls to come forward through many different ways, she started an 'Anjuman' to promote unity amongst the girls and encourage them to come forward and recite in the ladies on different occasions. A very confident person who aims to make us all confident too.

Enab Baji has always been there for us, she's the 'Baji' we all turn to when we have any problems or questions and she's always ready to help with a smile. She's a beautiful person inside out!

She's the daughter every mother wants and the person I wish to be one day insha'Allah!

Truly an inspiration for all us young girls as well as the elder ladies in the community. Allah has sent you as a blessing to us and we are forever grateful for all that you've done for us. May Allah (SWT) bless you, Ameen!

20 – Esmat Jeraj by the CoEJ Youth Desk

The wise amongst us will testify that those who make the greatest impact in this world or who go on to change the face of history, are covertly female. Despite the publicity that many great men deservedly get, it is the women behind them who rarely ever get a mention in the footnotes of their written praises. It is high time that our women are honoured, cherished, and recognised for their efforts, whether overt or covert. 

A true good deed is done without expecting reward or praise, and I can't think of any women that deserves more reward and more praise than Esmat Jeraj. Esmat has been the beating heart of every organisation that she has been a part of. She takes a keen interest in mentoring young people in order to bring positive change in their respective communities. She flourishes in every leadership role she has taken up. These include being a Public Affairs & Communications Manager for the MCB, a Managing Trustee for Hyderi Islamic Centre in Streatham, and the Assistant Secretary General of CoEJ. 

She has led various campaigns with Citizens UK, tackling the Living Wage being one amongst many. She continues to be an exceptional role model for women inside and outside the Muslim Community and continues to strive for the betterment of society as a whole. 

Individuals like Esmat, and many others, have been exemplary role models for any aspiring women who wish to lead themselves, their families, and their communities onto higher ideals, in the shadow and stewardship of Bibi Fatima (as). 

Their achievements and hard work are commendable to say the least and deserve the highest possible recognition.