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10 December 2023 / 27. Jamaad-Ul-Awwal 1445

Girls Youth Course successfully completed by The World Federation India Office

The World Federation India Office organised a Youth Course for Girls from the ages of 10 to 15 at Khandala. The course was a 2 day and 2 night residential program from 30th May to 1st June 2014.

There were 36 students in total,  supported by 6 mentors and 2 administrative personnel. The team included a Food & Nutrition specialist, a Doctor, a Banker, a Vocational Course expert and an E-Commerce specialist.

The course covered Islamic topics like Why Namaz, Hijaab, Islam & Science and Social topics like: Food & Diet, Importance of Saving Time & Money, Public Speaking, Body Language & Self Presentation. The topics were covered in PowerPoint presentations as well as skit formats to make it easy for the students to understand.

There were craft sessions which included Glass Painting and Card Making in which the students showed their creativity.



Yoga and Sports were incorporated into the schedule along with Namaz e Shab at night. Wudhu and Salaah Assessments were also carried out for all 36 students by their mentors. Another important and meaningful activity was Namaz Translation game in which all the students took part and learnt the translations of the aayats and zikr.


Since the course was in between the nights of the Birthdates of Imam Husain (as) and Lady Zainab (sa), a celebration session was also held in which all the mentors and students participated by reciting munajat, qasidas and ziarat.


“…At first I had lack of confidence but after the public speaking activity I feel more confident. This trip was a wonderful experience” says Azkiya Unia (Student)

I got new friends and I learnt to write poetry on Ahlebait (as). I learnt about hijab, saving money and public speaking. Thank you Zainab aapa, Asad bhai and all mentors” says Fatema Somjee (Student)

 “This was the most independent experience for my daughter. She heard many Islamic lectures from which she benefitted a lot and most of all she read shab namaz which she hasn't done till date. So overall it was a very beneficial camp for her and we do appreciate your efforts” Mrs. Maklai (Parent)

 “It was excellent experience for my daughter she learnt many things like science & Islam she became much responsible n started managing her own things must say excellent job..!!  Only 1 complain from her side was it was too short camp” Mrs. Mererali (Parent)

"Alhamdolillah youth courses are now being very well accepted by the community. The importance is now being felt and is being echoed by other organisations too. Overall this was an excellent youth course. With mentors giving in their 110% and students being very well disciplined, the course has been able to achieve all its objectives and cover all the planned topics and activities" says Asad Virani, Manager of World Federation India Office.

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