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02 December 2023 / 19. Jamaad-Ul-Awwal 1445

India Office organises a 2-Day Course on Islamic Business Ethics & Principles

The Participants and Volunteers 

The World Federation of KSIMC’s India Office in collaboration with Servants of Imam Ali (a.s) group and Jamiat Fatima (s.a.) Hawza organised a 2-Day Course on Islamic Business (Ethics and Principles).

The 2 day workshop was organised on 3rd and 4th January 2015 at Zainabiya Hall, Bhavnagar. Workshop facilitators were Maulana Sayyed Ehsan Haider Jawadi, the principal of Hawza Jamiat Fatima (s.a.), and Brother Irfan Karim. Sayyed was in charge of the research and development of the course content.

Brother Irfan Karim is a Chartered Accountant by profession and the CFO of an IT Analytics company in Mumbai. Br. Irfan assisted Sayyed Ehsan in co-relating Islamic principles with modern day business concepts.

The topics covered were:

• Business and Islamic Responsibility

• Importance of doing Business

• Islamic Rules of doing Business

• The necessity to keep Allah in mind in all transactions

• Not to practice monopoly; avoid fixed prices with excessive profits; dealing fairly; not varying prices according to the clients

• Obligation for everyone to earn a living

• Usury and Interest

• Banking and E-Business

• Rights of employees; rights of partners; rights of the buyer and seller.

• Business Partnerships, Contracts, Commissions, Services, Rent, etc.

There was a total of 38 participants including Renowned Businessmen of the Bhavnagar Community, Local Islamic Scholars, A Chartered Accountant, A Lawyer and aspiring young businessmen. Participants were able to ask questions and discuss issues during the day as the whole course was interactive.

Based on the topics covered, the participants were handed activity sheets stating real life scenarios which were to be enacted and solved in groups. 

At the end of the 2 day course, the participants had any questions and doubts cleared regarding various aspects of Islam and Business. 


“This was the most beneficial seminar of my life”. – Mukhtar Husein Bhojani

“Such programs are very beneficial for the community and must be repeated on regular intervals. Congratulations to The World Federation Team” – Asghar Bhimani

“This workshop must be done on a larger scale to include non-muslims so that they can understand Islamic Ethics. This will be a good tool for Tableegh” – Sayyed Gulam Husain Abidi.

“Excellent Program. Kindly conduct more such programs in all other cities too” – Gulamali Meghani

Asad Virani, Manager of The World Federation India Office says: “I was surprised with the overwhelming response of the community in Bhavnagar. Thanks to Sayyed Ehsan and Br. Irfan for facilitating and delivering the course. Special thanks to Muhsin uncle Dharamsi, Shaykh Mustafa Bhurani, Br. Reza Jivani, Br. Shafi Lokhandwala and Br. Abbas Vasaya (the team members in Bhavnagar) to make this program a success. We have received an invitation from Ahmedabad as well as Sangli Jamaat to organise similar workshops there”

Shaykh Komail Rajani, Head of Islamic Education Department says: “Business plays a vital role in our community. When business gets integrated with spiritual principles, it yields real prosperity. A vast majority of the chapters of Islamic Jurisprudence deal with business matters. I wish the community would regard these chapters as important as the chapters of Ibadat (Prayers) and Fasting etc.”

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Class in Session

Activity Time

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