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22 February 2024 / 12. Shabaan 1445

Lectures by Sheikh Dr. Farukh Sekalashfar at Dar Al Zahra Qom 2018

This year during Muharram our Dar Al-Zahra office in Qom had the pleasure of bringing the youth together for a 12 day series lecture recited by Sh.Sekaleshfar.

  • The main topics discussed fell under the following categories: 
  • Tawheed, 
  • How to be a Muwahid internally, 
  • The manifestation of Allah (swt) in this Dunya, 
  • Unity between body and soul, 
  • Importance of silence 

The topics above kept the youth engaged and occupied their mind with food for thought.

Alhamdulillah due to the popularity of the topics we were able to accommodate 250 people each night which included both men and women.

During the lectures, we were able to provide Tabarruk for the first 5 nights and dinner for every night thereafter.  

All of our lectures was live streamed so people from across the globe could benefit from these lectures. Alhamdulliah the comments we received was exceptional so we hope to always provide this service for our youth. In case you missed the lectures you can view them here

We strongly understand the need to get our children involved in majalis from early on so we provided special classes for children with exciting activities lined up. Children took part in the following:

  • Story-Telling of Imam Husayn (as) and his family
  • Arts and Crafts – Creating mock-up of Kerbala
  • Group work
  • Latmiyah recitation

The parents thoroughly enjoyed dropping their children to our crèche services knowing not only them, but also their children will benefit from the stories of Imam Husayn (as).

Finally, we ended with the Ammal of the day Ashura. It was an emotional day. We came together as a community to mourn our Imam. We worked together during these 10 days and we hope to continue these services for the years to come.

To read a summary version of each lecture please download this PDF here. 

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