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22 April 2024 / 13. Shawal 1445

The Madrasah Centre of Excellence (MCE) Teacher Skills Training programme is officially accredited by NCFE


The World Federation is excited to announce that our Teacher Skills Programme (TSP) Level 2 training has been officially accredited by the NCFE, for the first time in any community which provides educational training to madrasah teachers. As an institution, we are always seeking ways to ensure we raise the bar, and training our teachers via a professionally recognised TSP is just one way to ensure our children will get the best experience when attending madrasah.


Who is the NCFE? 

NCFE, the Northern Council for Further Education, is an Awarding Organisation and a leading provider of educational services.  They have a strong heritage in learning and have been at the forefront of technical and vocational education for over 170 years.

They design, develop and certify diverse, nationally recognised qualifications and awards, which has contributed to the success of millions of learners at all levels, bringing them closer to fulfilling their personal goals.

Their purpose is to promote and advance learning, with a particular emphasis on supporting social mobility and prosperity. 

They have a wealth of experience in the education sector and work with thousands of education providers such as schools, colleges, sixth forms as well as training organisations and employers.


What is the process to obtain an accredited certificate? 

The World Federation has the stamp of approval for Customised Qualifications. This means we now have accreditation from NCFE, demonstrating the quality and rigour of our qualifications.

NCFE will issue the certificates to our madrasah teachers, which will demonstrate the new skills, knowledge and competence our madrasah teachers have achieved by training with MCE. The certificates will include both The World Federation and NCFE logos.

A dedicated External Quality Assurer will visit once a year. They’ll provide ongoing support as well as a report to demonstrate rigour and quality in helping our learners succeed.


What training does MCE provide?

MCE has four workstreams – Curriculum Development, Teacher Training, Learning Resources and Assessment & Evaluation.

One of the programmes in Teacher Training is the Teacher Skills Programme (TSP)whose aim is to increase the skills of the madrasah teachers to be able to adapt to the learning styles of the children and use the most effective method.

By the end of the programme, participants:

  • Recognise their role as teachers and that they are role models for the students
  • Explain how they are agents of change in ensuring a learner-centred in madrasah
  • Reflect on their own practice
  • Recognise that learners have different learning styles
  • Keep accurate records of their teaching and the learning of their students
  • Perform different methods of assessment to identify the needs of the learners

In the training programme, teachers review in detail the learning needs, energies and thinking approach for their different students. They also identify the inherent strengths and challenges they might face based on their own needs, energy and thinking approaches.

Over 1,314 teachers have undertaken the skills training programme in more than 60 sessions, as a result of which around 6,700 students have benefited in 39 different Madaris worldwide. The new methodologies have boosted the success of the training programmes, empowering the teachers and injecting enthusiasm in the classrooms Ultimately, our children benefit from best-in-class teaching of the Tarbiyyah curriculum.

Learn more about other training held by the MCE here.


A few words from those involved in making this happen

 By far this a huge milestone for the MCE Team. I'm absolutely proud of the team as I have seen them put in every effort to make this happen. The team have this innate drive for success as the end goal is very clear: giving the best we can to our madrasah students. None of this would be possible without our trainers and teachers who are always seeking ways to improve their standards. This is a job well done. I look forward to seeing more of the success MCE brings to the table."

- Shabbar Dhalla, Vice President 


"NCFE are happy to accredit the Level 2 Award in Teacher Skills Programme as a Customised Qualification, as developed by The World Federation of Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheri Muslim Communities. We hope this Customised Qualification goes on to help many learners gain the skills required for teaching the Islamic faith with confidence and inspire other learners to do the same in the future. We look forward to working with The World Federation of Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheri Muslim Communities as they develop further Customised Qualifications.

- Graham Thompson Accreditation & Employer Services Officer


"After lengthy discussions and reviews between myself and NCFE, I am absolutely delighted our hard work is now officially recognised. One of the MCE goals was to be able to accredit each teacher with an official recognition for the training they commit to while becoming a madrasah teacher. This is the first time any madrasah teacher has been officially recognised. The World Federation is now an approved NCFE centre for TSP.  We pray to Allah (swt) for more success of the teachers which will have a positive impact on the students’ lives" -
Sayyid Aliraza Naqvi, MA Ed, Lead TSP Facilitator 


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