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09 June 2023 / 20. Zil-Qad 1444

MCE 2019 Updates

The Madrasah Centre of Excellence (MCE)

The Madrasah Centre of Excellence hosts a variety of training sessions tailored specifically for teachers throughout the year. We will continue to showcase the amazing work conducted by the team here. Let this be your one stop shop to get the latest on the training for MCE!

January 2019:

The team travelled to Sydney, Australia and held Tarbiyah training sessions.  A total of 23 participants, including 6 from Melbourne attended. Facilitators included Sister Fatim Panjwani and Sr Fatema Rahemani. We proud to say the Tarbiyah microteach is now completed at Imam Hassan School' Sydney.




Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania

For four weeks the MCE team will be delivering TSP training in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania and Arusha. This will be the first time MT5 will be held in Dar. The training will cover Micro teach 5 of TSP.

We are proud to say this is the first ever Madrasah to reach this stage in TSP. Congratulations to the entire Madrasah team. The pictures below show how the Africa Team of TSP facilitators discussing how to move forward with more TSPs and micro teach. They also gained a better insight into the training by conducting one to one feedback 30 min sessions for each participant.

Teachers went through the following assignments. 

1. Knowledge Check 

2. Design 30 min lesson plan 

3. Deliver that lesson plan and be observed. 

All successful teachers will be awarded a Diploma in teaching from MCE. Diplomas will be given in a grand ceremony to be arranged by AFED AFTAB - Dates to be announced. 

Some exceptional assignments have been submitted by the teachers, and well prepared excellent presentations have been observed. 

Majority of teachers have delivered lively engaging sessions with assessing the learning during the session. So far 10 8 hour sessions have been observed. Finally, 4 Local facilitators also trained to facilitate MT 5s in future when needed. 





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