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02 October 2023 / 17. Rabi-Ul-Awwal 1445

MP3 Sound Files for Hajj

“As long as the Ka’bah is standing, the religion (of Islam) will remain standing.” 
(Imam As-Sadiq, as)  
Biharul Anwar, vol 96, p 57)

The World Federation Islamic Education department is pleased to announce a new collection of MP3 sound files based on Hajj - the unique invitation of The Almighty to visit His house. This collection comprises of Qur'an recitation, Dua's, Lectures, Ziyaraat, and Nasheeds - all relating to Hajj.

The files are available to download via the links below. Donations for this programme are welcome. A CD containing these tracks is also available from Dar al Tableegh at a cost of only £2.50 (including P&P).

To order your CD or for more information, please:
Email:      [email protected]  
Or call:   +44 1923 823 606

(To Save a Dua to your computer, Right-click or Option-click the link then click "Save As")