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02 October 2023 / 17. Rabi-Ul-Awwal 1445

New E-Books now available for Mahe Ramadhan: Manifestations of the All Merciful and Divine Invitation

Updated 31 July 2013

The World Federation has converted two books especially for the month of Ramadhan so that community members can benefit even more from the excellence of this holy month. Both books are spiritual reflections on the holy month, and both have been authored by Shaykh Muhammad Khalfan:

1) Manifestations of the All Merciful

This book is a commentary of the daily-recited supplication in the Holy Month of Ramadhan: ‘Allahuma adkhil a'al ahlil kuburis suroor’. The Holy Prophet (saw) has said, ‘Whosoever beseeches with this supplication in the Holy month of Ramadhan after the wajib prayers, his sins shall be forgiven until the Day of Judgement.’

This book is a highly recommended read for anyone who wants to get the most out of this dua and this great month.

2) The Divine Invitation

Each year, as we approach the month of Ramadhan, we are considered as the ‘Special Guests’ of Allah. What does it mean to be a special guest? What is the difference between an ‘ordinary' invitation and a ‘special’ invitation? Why is the month of Ramadhan described by the Holy Prophet as ‘The Banquet of Allah’?

This book answers these questions and is a must to make the most of this holy month.

The books can be downloaded in a number of ways for the nominal charge of around only $0.99 (£0.65 pence):

1. Download them from and follow the instructions.

2. Alternatively, go to any of these online e-bookstores, and search for any of titles listed above.

3. For android users: download the smashwords app, and then search for the books on the app.

Other titles also available as e-books:

1.      Karbala: The Complete Picture, by Dr Mahmood Datoo
2.      Mukhtar, by Dr Mahmood Datoo
3.      The Travellers, by Sayyid Aliraza Naqvi
4.      Hajj: A Personal Journey, by Mujtaba Datoo
5.      The Heavenly Path: Selecting a Spouse, by Abbas and Shaheen Merali
6.      The Heavenly Path: From Marriage to Parenthood, by Abbas and Shaheen Merali
7.      Anecdotes for Reflection: Part 1, by Ali Akber Sadaqat
8.      Anecdotes for Reflection: Part 2, by Ali Akber Sadaqat
9.     Anecdotes for Reflection: Part 3, by Ali Akber Sadaqat
10.    Anecdotes for Reflection: Part 4, by Ali Akber Sadaqat

For more information email [email protected]

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