Dear Community Members,

Salaamun Alaykum.

It’s hard to believe the month of Muharram is passing by so quickly. I pray that our azadari is accepted and our connection with our Living Imam (ajfs) is strengthened during this month inshAllah.

As mentioned in my last email to you all, my role at The World Federation involves responsibility of our marketing and communication activities.  I have often said that we, as an organisation, do some fantastic work, and there needs to be greater focus on communicating this work to the worldwide community.  Over the next few months, I will be working on a marketing and communications strategy and sharing this with key members of the team for feedback and inshAllah implementation.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on how we can work on this so please do email me personally at [email protected] with your feedback.

Alhamdullilah, on 1 Muharram 1437, we launched our new donation page on The World Federation website. This new page should inshAllah make donations on our page easier and quicker.

In other news, on 10 October 2015, we held our Fourth Executive Council meeting for this term in Toronto, Canada. This was alhamdullilah, a successful event, which showcased the work that The World Federation has been doing over the last year.   During the meeting, we discussed the work that has been done assisting the Yemeni refugees in Djibouti, an update on the media and external relations work being led by our Vice President, Brother Shabbar Dhalla and a presentation from Brother Naushad Mehrali on the work being done through the Madrasah Centre of Excellence programme.

This Muharram, we have launched the Ali Asghar Water Appeal to build 40 wells in 40 days in Kenya and Syria. Since the launch of the appeal, 11 wells have been sponsored already and we are still collecting funds for the remaining 29 needed to achieve our goal of providing access to clean water in areas of great need. The cost of building one well in Kenya is £1,150 GBP / $1,750 USD / $2,300 CAD and you can either sponsor a full well or contribute in part. Please donate to this sadaqah jariyah project where your support will save lives

I look forward to providing you with an update in the coming months. Please do share your feedback with us as it is only together, we can build a stronger community.

With Salaams and Duas,

Anisa Kanji

Assistant Secretary General