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06 June 2023 / 17. Zil-Qad 1444

Sabika Rizvi Testimonial Video

By Far the Best Three Weeks of my Life!

Leaving Iran was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. Yes, I was happy to be coming home to family, but the experiences, the memories, the friends, every second; it all meant something special to me as it was most definitely one of the best three weeks of my life! I could remember all the times we went to Masjid jamkaran and visit the Harams of the holy personalities (AS) and I just couldn’t believe that all these special moments happened so quickly. One of my most memorable experiences that I will never ever forget and is something that I very clearly remember until today, is our self-reflection session in the grave yard after Fajr Salat. 

After Fajr Salaat and Ziyarat at the Haram of Bibi Masuma (a.s), we walked across to a graveyard. We sat there and reflected upon our lives and the sun rose in front of our eyes, which was such an amazing experience. We reflected about what would happen when we are buried 6 foot under the ground, and how strong our imaan is and whether we were ready to die or not. This was such an inspiring moment as we thought about our after life and what our hearts really believe.

Another really inspiring experience for me in particular was going to the grave yard of the Shuhuda.  This was so emotional and it really made me reflect on my life when I saw so many young people sacrifice themselves for Islam. The atmosphere was completely different and it’s a feeling that I could never possibly forget, it was a feeling of holiness, calmness and unity. This is something that I remember regularly and use in the everyday situations that I come across so that I always remember how much the believers sacrificed. 

My experiences in Iran overall was great, I loved every moment and I learnt so much! Leaving Iran was really difficult. As I was leaving, I could remember everything, the friends, the first time I saw the Haram of Imam Ali Al-Redha (AS), the first time I landed in the country. I remembered Mount Kidhr, and I remembered having a twilight session on the mountain, gazing down at the city of Qum after Fajr, and looking back at my life, like someone who has just entered their grave. I also remembered the country’s atmosphere and where we stayed and studied. I really reflected on this spiritual journey and was inspired by so many people I met or even if I just went to their grave. This was by far, the BEST three weeks in my life that I have ever experienced. 

By: Sabika Rizvi from UK