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02 October 2023 / 17. Rabi-Ul-Awwal 1445

WF-CoEJ Pre-Marriage Workshop: A 5 step approach to help find the right spouse

Due to an increased demand and a need from the young adult youth folk in search of their spouses, The World Federation and The Council of European Jamaats organised a pre-marriage workshop titled: ‘A 5 Step process to finding the right spouse’ on 12 January 2014, at the Hyderi Islamic Centre, South London. The workshop was once again facilitated by Brother Abbas Merali (co-author of Selecting a Spouse - The Heavenly Path, and ‘From Marriage to Parenthood - The Heavenly Path’, both available from The World Federation’s bookstore (link here)). 32 participants registered for workshop.

The workshop was targeted at those young adults who are either approaching the stage in their lives where they are considering the step of marriage, or those who are already actively engaged in the process of looking for their spouses, as well as those who had previously been engaged or married but for some reason things did not work out.

The very interactive, discursive and reflective workshop focuses on a unique 5-step process one should consider when beginning the search for a spouse.

One of the primary objectives was to engage the participants at a much deeper level to enable them to appreciate that this next phase in their lives of finding a life partner involves a high level of self-consciousness, awareness and personal responsibility.

The workshop covered the 3 key areas of the search: Pre-Meeting, The Meeting, and Post Meeting, and interactively explored all three stages with the participants.

Some extracts from the feedback:

“Really enjoyed the workshop! Have been waiting for something like this to come to Hyderi for a while. Answered aaaalllllll my questions too! Thank you!”

“Thank you for yesterday, it was a great session, wonder why I never came before :)
Some really interesting points to think about”

“Interactive, informal, organised. The content was great, lot’s to think about. Good way of challenging pre-set ideas”

“practical, very easy to understand, not cheesy, broke the ice – not awkward”

“was awesome, the facilitator related to us like a friend and a brother, and he understood us”

“interactive, good content, informal, real life examples, points to think about”

“The meeting scenarios, the role plays and how to approach as a ‘friend’ was very good”

“I really like how the awkward meeting scenarios, the tips and how overcome the awkwardness in the meeting was covered”

“I really liked how it was interactive, and touched on key points that people don’t normally talk about. Felt comfortable to you have your own opinion. And how our own personal questions (that we sent on registration) were answered through out the day”

The World Federation, in conjunction with The Council of European Jamaats, will inshallah be running a number of relationship and family based workshops over the course of the next 12 months, including:

1. Early Marriage Workshop - How to overcome the early hurdles (aimed at engaged and newly married couples)

2. Early Parenting Workshop – Nurturing the infant and toddler years (aimed at couples with children aged 0-7 years)

3. Teen Parenting Workshop - How to maintain a strong rapport during the teen years (aimed at couples with young teens: 12-19 years)

4. In-laws Workshop - How to have a more effective relationship with newly married young adults (aimed at first time and seasoned in-laws who want to have a more effective relationship with their adult children and their spouses)
If you would like to be kept informed of the workshop dates and registration details please email: [email protected] subject line: Family Desk Workshops; we will ensure you are kept updated.

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