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19 May 2022 / 17. Shawal 1443

The World Federation Annual Review 2018/19

The World Federation is pleased to share with you it’s Annual Review for 2018/19, which celebrates the work you’ve passionately supported throughout the year.

This year, The World Federation has been working hard to strengthen our relationships with spiritual leaders, regional bodies and hardworking volunteers, so we can continue to be a solid, united community.

Our commitment remains to serve our community and we’ve been focussing on future generations through our successful launch of Khoja News. Here you will be able to find this platform is strictly dedicated to our community, which is designed for everyone to share our news and celebrate our achievements. On this website, you will be able to read about the latest news on business developments and community projects such as achievements of Khoja institutions and Khoja individuals plus many more items of interest to our community.

We also launched an updated version of iSistani - a mobile app which is your guide to the practical and spiritual aspects of Muslim life. The app’s purpose-built design places emphasis on personalisation and allows you to quickly search through multiple laws, add your own notes and bookmark anything you want to refer back.

For Ramadan and Muharram the Islamic Education of The World Federation released a set of series of spiritual videos such as “Feed Your Soul” and “Become Husayni” respectability. These videos alongside our animation videos gave our viewers a chance to reconnect with themselves by highlighting the spiritual benefits of these months.

We’ve also been responding to the growing needs of our community, by strengthening our MCE programme which is now being fully rolled out and practiced in many countries across the world. Our annual Fatima Inspires initiative received a number of nominations showcasing inspiring women within our community. Thank you to all who nominated.

We also took the time to celebrate our rich history as a community with our second Khoja Heritage Tour, attended by 30 people from ages and regions across the world.

Above is just some of the work we’ve been working on. Read the report to find out more details on all the projects we’ve been effortlessly working on.


We’d like to say a big thank you for your generous support and we look forward to doing more together in the future.


Annual Review 2018 19 by worldfedksimc on Scribd

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