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04 June 2023 / 15. Zil-Qad 1444

The World Federation India Office organises 4 Sehri Group Discussions for the Youth during the Holy Month of Ramadhan

The World Federation India Office’s objective to get Scholars and Youths closer to each other was very well achieved during the Holy month of Ramadhan (1435 AH) by organising 4 Sehri Group Discussion Sessions.

The sessions were held at midnights on the weekends to make it convenient for all to take part. Each session lasted for as long as 2 hours. Medium of instructions was Urdu and English.

Sayyed Zaki Hasan Noori, a guest speaker, is renowned scholar in Mumbai. The formats of the sessions were kept very casual and the participants were encouraged to ask questions and clear their doubts as and when they arise. Tea & Snacks were served during the discussions to keep the energy levels high and avoid making the sessions very formal.

Keeping in mind the vast distance of the community centres in Mumbai, the sessions were held at 3 different locations i.e. Dongri, Bandra and Andheri. In total 75 youths participated and benefited from the discussions. The participants included Business-Men, Corporate Professionals, Doctors, Chartered Accountants, MBAs, Bankers and Students. The target age group was 25 to 40 years.

Session 1

5th July 2014


Topic: Duas and Current Affairs

Venue: Madrasah e Panjetani, Dongri


Session 2

12th July 2014

Topic: Duas and Current Affairs

Venue: Khoja Masjid, Bandra

Session 3

18th July 2014

Topic: Global mission of Imam e Zamana (atfs) in the light of Dua e Iftitah

Venue: Khoja Masjid, Dongri


Session 4

26th July 2014

Topic: Is Eid the end of the spiritual journey?

Venue: Andheri

The concept of Group Discussions was introduced last year by the India Office and the youths have been eagerly waiting all through out the year for this year’s sessions too. The youth have requested the India Office to continue such sessions on regular basis and not restrict them to just the Holy Month of Ramadhan.

Murtuza Merchant (Participant) said: “Maulana Zaki Noori is very much preferred by the youth of Mumbai as well as other parts of India as he is very down to earth and prefers to work with the youth for the benefit of the community.”

Sheikh Komail Rajani (Head of Islamic Education Department) commented: “I’m glad to see the youth being engaged with the WF India Office, this session being one of them. The aim of the sessions was to inculcate group discussions under the guidance of Ulama has been successfully achieved. There are many more programs being planned for the betterment of the community in other parts of India too”


Asad Virani (Manager of India Office) says: “Sayyed Zaki Hasan Noori Sahab did a fantastic research on the topics given to him. May Allah (swt) give him more tawfeeq to serve the community. Insha’Allah, similar format sessions are being planned to be held on regular basis all throughout the year.” 

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