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30 November 2021 / 24. Rabi-Uth-Thani 1443

The World Federation President visits seniors at KSI Mombasa

The World Federation President visits seniors at KSI Mombasa

The crowd eagerly anticipates the speeches

The pannel begins to address the crowd

The food awaits

The World Federation President, Alhajj Anwerali bhai Dharamsi embarked on a trip to Mombasa to partake in a meeting with the seniors with the Mombasa community. The meeting acted as a forum to discuss various issues facing the Khoja community today, and a platform to uncover creative solutions and voice opinions.

Among those that attended this meeting of great significance, included The World Federation President, as well as The African Federation Chairman, and the Office Bearers. In addition, the itinerary of the meeting also involved both The World Federation and The African Federation leaders addressing the seniors at the event with the aims of informing and inspiring the community regarding the details of upcoming projects.

The event ended spectacularly with amazing commitments by both The World Federation and The African Federation, promising to donate a Ziyarat trip package each, to be managed by the seniors of the community.

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