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19 May 2022 / 17. Shawal 1443

Announcing a new partnership with NASIMCO

The World Federation is excited to announce a new agreement with NASIMCO to strengthen our collaborative work in relation to humanitarian relief and on Madrasah education.

Both organisations have a long history of campaigning and raising money to deliver aid and, Alhamdulillah, have responded to many emergencies around the world. The strategic decision to work closely together will allow for better-shared knowledge and use of resources, resulting in far greater quality and quantity of our humanitarian work.

The new NASIMCO team were hugely impressed with the Madrasah Centre of Excellence (MCE) work and we are now paving the way forward to roll out components of the MCE Tarbiyyah programme across their jamaats.

The NASIMCO Centre of Islamic Learning (CIL) Team will also work closely with the MCE team to ensure the curriculum and teacher training programmes are implemented, with a Teacher Skills Programme already scheduled for January 2018 in Orlando.

More work is being done to roll these programmes out even further, with the objective to bring many Madaris on board during 2018.

Presidents from both organisations met in Canada last week and signed the landmark agreement, which will look to explore future collaborations and strengthen existing work.

The World Federation President, Anwarali Dharamsi (pictured right), said: "The wider community will benefit hugely from the increased collaboration and cooperation the new agreement will bring. Our teams will now work hard to prepare an implementation roadmap for this work, which will be presented at The World Federation Executive Council meeting in February."

NASIMCO President, Al Haj Razaq Damani (pictured left), said: "This is a huge step in making sure that both our humanitarian work and Islamic teaching has greater impact and is more transparent - which will give our community increased confidence in the work that we do."

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