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02 December 2023 / 19. Jamaad-Ul-Awwal 1445

Ayatollah Baqer Shirazi passes away

Celebrated Iranian Shia scholar Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Baqer Musavi Shirazi (1931-2014) has passed away at the age of 83 in a hospital in Imam Reza (A.S) Hospital in Tehran on Tuesday (13th May).

He was son of Late Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Abdullah Shirazi and was born in Shiraz (a city in southern Iran).  Ayatollah Sayyed Shirazi was a Mujthid at the age of 20. He had expertise in many Islamic sciences and was a versatile scholar. He had innovation in many astronomical and geographical things related to Sharia and was unique in many contemporary issues related to jurisprudence.

May Allah swt bless his soul and give us tawfeeq to follow his path.

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