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23 February 2024 / 13. Shabaan 1445

Fatima Inspires Dubai Nominations 2018

Fatima Inspires Nominations-  2018



Dubai Nominations




Motto: To Empower children and the globe with love and understanding of deen by revival of the holy Quran in our day to day lives.

highest value: hard work

favourite food: Noor

superpower: sparkle and shine

life purpose: say, truly, my prayer and my service of sacrifice, my life and death, are all for Allah, the cherisher of the worlds. 6:162.One beautiful day an amazing little girl was born with a hundred talents and gifts to share with all of mankind and the greatest treasure she shared with all is her golden sparkling heart. Zohra: a phenomenal human being, a mother, wife, sister, daughter, author, actor, boss, friend, mentor, creative genius. Zohra is an inspiration to children and adults of all ages and people from all walks of life. from the soulful classes she runs which bring alive the holy teachings in a way that captivates the soul and creates movement toward a godly goal, to the awe-inspiring kits she has created like the Yasin kits Quran wheel and mahe Ramadhan and muharram boxes that inspire lives of thousands across the globe.

She is a rare leader who leads by her example and actions. her passion for what she does is driven by love of Allah, Quran and Ahlulbayt and her love, joy and noor is contagious. she values each and every human being and makes them feel loved and special. she uplifts all those whose lives she touches and brings out the best in everyone.






Her smell the unique smell only a mother can have. Her smile mischievous and scolding too. Known to all as Mama Ferry, her food the true taste of home, for not just us kids, but for the entire Dubai Jamaat. My mum brought us up to enjoy life and remember that Allah is always with us no matter what. Even after moving away, her arms will always be our home, her laughter our joy, and under her feet and in her hands is heaven. She taught us the value of the Qur’an, the value of Salah by showing us the miracles in it. She showed us that nothing really matters except a pure contentedness within our hearts. Every time we're away we cannot wait to see her, talk to her, hug her. Every time we go home we cannot wait to cook with her, recite Majalis and pray together. And every time we leave we can only do Sabr for when we come back into her arms. Mummy you have been the backbone of this family; we love you and cherish your love more than you could ever imagine.
I would also like to dedicate this to my second Mummy, Marhuma Shamim Thawer. You have left a lasting impact in our lives and have given us beautiful siblings. Thank you for all you have done. Please recite a Sura Fatiha and Namaaz Hadiya Mayyit.



3. Shaheena Fazaldin



As we migrated to a small town in South Africa, there was not much Islamic awareness at all, let alone no Ithna-Asheri community. Our mother took it upon herself to establish a Madressa for young children, run workshops and events for the youth and propagated the message and mission of Imam Hussayn (as). The youth admired her and valued her presence in the community, despite her background of a differing school of thought. She initiated the first youth group called ‘Banaatul Islam’ which strengthened the ties of sisterhood amongst the young girls and ignited a love for the Deen within them. Our Mother also organized weekly sessions for ladies to meet up and discuss different aspects of faith and issues facing the community. 

She is currently the HoD for the Foundation stage at the Oxford School, Dubai, supervising over 24members of staff for multiple sections within the school. She has trained countless teachers and impacted various lives with her expertise and unwavering determination. She carries over 35 years of experience in the field of early childhood education and is always eager to impart her knowledge, skills and expertise at every possible opportunity.
She also holds extensive experience in working with children, in particular those with learning difficulties, including ADHD and Autism. She frequently holds teacher-training workshops for schools and has held one for Dubai Jamaat madressa teachers as well as workshops on Brain Gym and learning disorders.

Our mother has been an inspiration to many all over the globe!

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