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23 February 2024 / 13. Shabaan 1445

First Wills and Inheritance Workshops in India for Ladies

First Wills and Inheritance Workshop for Ladies

The World Federation in India noticed there was a demand to educate our community on Wills and Inheritance, as its part of our every-day life yet we haven't fully understand the in's and out of it. The first workshop on this subject was for men only. During the past few months, we saw a huge demand from our sisters requesting we do a similar workshop for the sisters only. Then we introduced our first ladies workshop for sisters only. The feedback we received was overwhelming and we hope to continue workshops such as these for both women and men in the future. 


We held 2 Sessions in different locations and catered to almost 40 people in just one session! 


While wills and inheritance is an important aspect which has been elaborately explained in Islam and also covered in detail in Islamic Laws, there is seldom any detailed discussion on this topic neither in majalis not in madressa. It was observed that there is hardly any awareness in India around these topics.


Since people are not aware of the full rulings regarding Wills and Inheritance, we often find people make basic mistakes when organising leftover money and belongings of the deceased. Also, many people may have difficulty following the rulings by reading the Islamic Laws book, as it may come across slightly complex. Hence we decided to stand ground and introduced this topic in an interactive workshop format.


Each session was planned for an average of 4 hours. The Workshops took place on 21 July at Mehfile Mustafa, Juhu Kapaswadi, Mumbai and 11th August at Haji Nazarali Imambargah, Kurla Mumbai. 


The workshops were facilitated by Maulana Sayyed Zaki Noori and co-facilitated by Br. Irfan Karim and Br. Asad Virani.


All workshops were presentation based and fully interactive by giving all participants a chance to clarify their doubts. Case scenarios were carefully designed and were handed over to the participants to solve in groups. A sample will and inheritance write up were given to all participants at the end of the workshops.


Feedback from the Participants who attended the Workshop

"Assallam O Alaikum One and All. Not Last but the least I Thank You All the team members of World Federation India Office especially Mr  Irfanbhai, Mr Asadbhai Virani and Moulana Aga Zaki Noorie Sahab for Sharing to Survive our life and hereafter within Islamic Laws of Shariah explaining very much minutely in details along with daily life examples to understand  regarding fulfilling the desires rights of near and dear Ones along  with self deeds and Wajibat of oneself to be performed fulfilling the responsibilities according to the Islamic Law and gain benefits and rewards from Almighty Allah SWTA   here as well as hereafter. InshaAllah May Allah SWTA gives us tohfiq to practice what we all have learned in the workshop and also. Accept the World Federation India Office 's hardwork for  Organising such a Successful  Knowledgeable fruitful Worthy Workshop Keep It Up! MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND FULFILL YOUR DEEDS OF HERE AS WELL AS HEREAFTER WITH GREAT UNEXPECTED FRUITFUL REWARDS AMEEN JazakaAllah. O Khair . PL NOTE : If possible  Kindly make it Full Day Workshop eg 11am to 6 pm so that the leftover points can be completed in all

Fi Amaanillah."

Mrs Najma

" I am sooooooo much Thankful  to  all  who have  done a well organized and explain us in detail I am relax after I make  my will  After I  die it will go to the right person the rest of my  balance a cording to Islam law"

-  Mrs. Sajeeda Jinnah 


"Alhumdullilah the whole session was appreciable, actually was eagerly waiting for such platform where we can share our problems and get the valuable solution.

The Programme was well organised , hope for such a programme on some more important topics. Jazakallah"

- Mrs. Akhtar Jahan 


"Crisp. Relevant... Informative.... The presentation was impressive.. Slides were well explained.. Communication clear.. Shukran"

- Mrs. Yasmin 


"A very informative session and an eye-opener for all of us....Very well organised & explanation was Apt & to the point...Thanks to Asad bhai n Irfan bhai  for excellent presentation and Moulana for  easy explanation....

Thanks to all who helped in making  this session a hit....

- Mrs. Farzana 


"Islam is such a beautiful religion & I am humbly proud to be a Shia Isna Ashari Muslim also I am feeling so deprived that I have missed the earlier workshops, In sha Allah will try & attend in future

Special thanks to ALL the organisers & Jazaak Allah

- Mrs. Ladha


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