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22 April 2024 / 13. Shawal 1445

Hawza Online

The World Federation would like to congratulate the entire Muslim Ummah on the auspicious occasion of the Wiladat of Imam Husayn (as). On this blessed day, we are delighted to announce our latest and most exciting initiative yet: Hawza Online.

Hawza Online is an education initiative that offers high quality, flexible programmes in Hawza Studies and classical Arabic.

The project, which has the blessing of our esteemed Marja', has been carefully developed by a team of highly experienced scholars, website developers, and administrators.

The courses offered by Hawza Online combine the rich heritage of classical Shi‘i scholarship with the latest online learning and teaching methods.

From the comfort of their homes, students learn from expert teachers via a state-of-the-art platform at a pace that suits them.

"We are truly excited to launch Hawza Online that opens avenues to strengthen the religious and ideological foundations of the students. Not everyone can travel to the seminaries in Najaf, Qum and other locations which continue to be our shining centres of inspiration, in-depth learning and emulation. Thus, through technology, we are now able to offer traditional learning from the seminaries and aid our students who are bounded by geographical limitations. 
Now the preliminary Hawza studies can be facilitated online through our digital platform ensuring students are well equipped with our faith and prepared to face the challenges of today. We have outstanding qualified scholars as lecturers and a top notch digital platform to facilitate high calibre learning. Above all, we have the blessings and dua’s from our Marja Sayyid Sistani (May Allah SWT prolong his healthy life).
We note Agha’s letter of support and advice (read in English or Farsi) that whilst this is a great accomplishment, undoubtedly, self-purification and embodying Islamic morals are also very important; insha’ allah ta’ala, you will strive to give these matters due attention as well.’  Islamic Education at the WF will focus on this advice, and in turn, hope to support the aspiring students who enrol.
This is a major milestone in the evolving digital services provided by Islamic Education of The World Federation and I commend all those involved in making this happen in such a short period of time."
-Safder Jaffer, WF President 


"In a time where there is no time and where reflection is a scarce commodity. In an age where there is a battle of ideologies but yet hearts beat for the awaited Saviour ATFS; Alhamdulillah,  The World Federation presents a digital solution for those who yearn knowledge based on a millennial old tradition".
- Arifali Hirji, Secretary General

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