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22 April 2024 / 13. Shawal 1445

Leadership Development Programme in India

The World Federation India office in collaboration with India Federation organised the Second Leadership Development Programme (LDP) in India as part of their vision to develop spiritual and vibrant communities that serve humanity.

The 4 day program was held from 26th to 29th January 2017 at Conference Floor, Haji Nazarali Imambargah at Kurla, Mumbai. A group of 21 participants consisting of doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers and housewives attended the programme. Br. Shabbir Husein Khalfan led the programme under the guidance of Dr. Akber Mohammedali and co-facilitators Sis. Zinnat Mohammedali, Sis. Shama Dewji and Sis. Maria Pattinson as well as 5 Development Facilitators including Br. Asad Virani, Dr. Aliraza Khunt, Br. Inayat Firdousi, Sis. Mohsina Dodhiya and Sis. Zainab Virani.


The essence of the program was personal development, which led participants on a journey of self-discovery which allows them to make a positive impact, not only to the community but also to humanity at large.

The modules covered during the program were designed to help develop leadership skills, serve the community and fulfil one’s duty towards Allah (SWT).


The program was comprehensive and enlightening. Some of the concepts covered were:

Capacity vs Capability


Tolerance vs Respect

Faith in action

Understanding self through various parameters

Personal icebergs

Temperaments and interaction styles

Knowledge paradox

Understanding leadership styles

Development of leadership qualities and practices

Power of vision

Political intelligence

A separate module entitled Effective Communication was organised which consisted of team activities and innovative tasks. This included t-shirts being handed out that presented different temperaments, bidding for a charitable organisation, and drawing your own vision.

‘LDP is a great program everyone must attend. It is full worth as it does change your life. The program is not just about leadership skills but all about personality development and teaching techniques to implement great values and helping in becoming an excellent human being.’ - Fatemah Merchant, Participant.


The Facilitators, as well as Development Facilitators, were professional, dedicated, and passionate with each of them positively touching the lives of the participants. The LDP concluded with each participant sharing one aspect of the course they had found most useful and providing feedback on what could be done to improve the course.

The LDP has been a significant step towards helpfully changing the outlook of participants, shaping new leaders and taking the community forward. The participants unanimously agreed that the program was a revelation. It pushed them out of their comfort zone, took away a lot of myths around relationships (both in a personal and work context), and has now equipped them with tools useful to not only embrace their true selves, but also to unlock their potential to take them to new heights personally, professionally and spiritually.

The closing ceremony, which was attended by the local community, included a video message from Dr Moledina where he thanked the LDP team for holding the event and the participants for taking part.


Shabbir Panjwani says: "I must say LDP really gave me the time to really dig deep and reach into myself and heal what needed to be healed. This would not have been possible without all Facilitators' selflessness and willingness to help. I hope one day I can do the same for others. I really believe that LDP can change lives as long as you are open to change."

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