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10 December 2023 / 27. Jamaad-Ul-Awwal 1445

MCE Teacher Skills Programme Report from Jan to Dec 2015

MCE Teacher Skills Programme Report from Jan to Dec 2015 

Vision: To Nurture Piety 

Mission: Enabling a learning environment that instils the values of Quran and the Ahlul Bayt (A.S) 

The overall goal of this development programme is to increase the skills of teachers, and to shift their attitudes and behaviours so that they may be better able to support the learning of the students in the Madrasah. 

We at the Teacher Development Team want to do important work vs. merely offering opinions. We want to lift people up vs. tear others down. 

We at the Teacher Development Team of the MCE do not want to train teachers, we want to develop teachers and harness their rich experiences from within themselves, give them the confidence to believe in themselves and take the next generation to the deep level of faith, thus making them effective teachers, and for that, we will have to take them on a lifetime journey. 

The main focus of the MCE TD Team, remains on character building and skills learning as outlined in the Manual, we are therefore passionately seeking.... To actively support good men and women who have the capacity, skills and competence to effectively benefit humanity through following the teachings and mission of the Prophet and the Ahlul Bait A.S. 

The Teachers Skills Programme, which has been developed and is led by me, has completed 27 training programmes including Micro Teach 1,2, and 3 in Europe, Africa and Dubai. A total of 241 Teachers have gone through this programme. 


This brief report will outline the main activities of this work stream (excluding the Neuro Psychology of Learning and the Spiritual Development Programme) from January to December 2015 It will also propose some recommendations for the proposed best way forward to enhance the efforts in this stream .


With Praise to Allah SWT, a total of 13 TSP and Micro teach 1,2 and 3 has been successfully completed there, in partnership with Aftab. 

• Dar es salaam Husayni Madrasah has gone through 7 training programmes. In March, and November 2015 

• Nairobi Haideri Madrasah has gone through 5 training programmes. In July and November 2015 

• Mombasa Husaini Madrasah has gone through 2 Training Programmes. In May 2015 


• Dubai TSP was organised by the Barsha Madrasah where a few teachers from the Satwa Madrasah were invited a total of 25 Participants attended, so far 2 Training Programmes have been held. In October 2015 


• In January 2015 there were a number of Madaris were invited to attend the programme in Milton Keynes. 

• In March 2015 again there were a number of Madaris were invited to attend the programme in Birmingham. This cohort included teachers from Sweden Madrasah 

• In May 2015 South London Haidary Madrasah attended the programme, from this point onwards the concentration was to the individual Madrasah. 

• September 2015 Muhammadi Madrasah Birmingham. 

• September 2015 Bab Al Ilm Madrasah Leeds 

• December 2015 Paris France, South and North Jammat Madrasah combined training was held. 

Sample of recent feedback from the participants on the overall programme

Nairobi TSP feedback: 

• It has made me realise that if I want I can achieve it all. 

• This module was extremely helpful and essential to me, in fact it was an eye opener and led to a massive dawn of realization and I would recommend all teachers in madrasah or not, in fact all parents to do it. 

• The styles used by the facilitator made it easier for me to be able to understand the module when I go through it Inshallah. It really simplified the learning process. The facilitation and deliverance. 

Comments about Syed Naqvi :

• You have no idea the idea of the magnitude of the work you do, you’re the revolution to our madrasah’s revolution. 

• Enjoyed the way you motivated, not only but others’ since your inspirational experiences ‘moved me’. 

• A ROLE MODEL who has really touched my heart and has given me with the motivation and enthusiasm to bring a change in myself and Madrasah Inshallah. 

Micro-Teach III Feedback: 

• What made the program useful is that, made me develop every single day as a teacher to see myself as a giver but also a taker. Which made me to be ready to listen to my student’s ideas. 

• The microteaching was really helpful because it made me realize my weakness and what I need to develop tor become a better teacher/learner 

• The observers feedback has still yet to make me realise I have a lot to improve on anything that has identified some of the very strengths I never reflected upon as an observer it made me think critically about myself being in the opposite person situation and it played a dual role of bringing awareness of the strengths and weaknesses of myself as well as the person I was observing the sessions have been very effective in building as the builders of the generation to come here foundation is in our hands 

• It is very helpful as it gives growth to our teaching journey from hard to beautiful. A very encouraging facilitator, a very positive team. Alhamdulillah, looking forward to micro teach 4 

DAR TSP Feedback: 

• It was hands on, engaging each and every participant, I now realise why 2 days were needed. Put into perspective what I thought of in the passage of time. 

• The module facilitated for my further probing into my duty/ responsibilities as a teacher and has enhanced for my continuous self-reflection and assessment. Definitely an opening for a better me! 

• The whole development plan was very motivating and learnt AMAZING! Skills both by observing your way of teaching and the content, the best thing I enjoyed you practically taught the content. Thank you! 

• Very simple and clear information to grasp. Leaving us with more ideas to think about. 

• This module has made me realise I can make a difference to my students, therefore would love to go back and give in more and more to my children. Ahsant, Jazakallah! 

• I got to reflect on my teaching, build the confident that I can make a change in a child’s life. 

• It has given me a step by step approach on how to make a lesson more better and fruitful through good preparation and of course understanding of students 

• Very reflective and thought provoking. Has given me a push to ‘not’ procrastinate. 

• At the moment I don’t teach but only assist. This session has given me the confidence of upgrading myself, overcoming my fears and becoming a teacher. 

Comments about Syed Naqvi: 

• Mashallah! A blessing to have with us in the session, thanking you for opening up my mind and making me believe I can do better for my children. 

• He has presented this two-day programme in the most practical, fun and learning way possible. I am thankful that I registered for this and got a chance to be facilitated by him! An inspiration indeed 

Comments about MCE: 

• This program totally changed my view and I feel all madrasah teachers should be given this training for us to be able to progress and make a difference in the lives of the students. 

• Have no words, Thank you. 

• This programme is a must for all Madrasah teachers. 

Paris TSP feedback:

• Recently, I have been to a training organised by my employee and I was really proud to see that this TSP was really as rich as the one organised by my employee as my employee is HSBC, one of the biggest international bank! So it seems our Khoja community is able to provide very powerful trainings. 

• This course permits me to examine myself, to point the finger on myself and this 2 days completely shook me. The change must begin; the introspection it provided was great. 

• It gave me real meaning of Madrasah and how to teach. 

Comments about Syed Naqvi: 

• You are a special person and I can tell you that you have changed my life. 

• An extraordinary person, we can feel that he wants us to go ahead. 

• You are exceptional, seriously you change the way that I see things, but not only, you change me and inspire me, thank you. 

• There is nothing to say you are a HERO. 

• Open minded, spiritual, inspires. 

Long Term 

1. Hold a Train the Trainer Programme to increase the facilitators for this programme. So far individuals have been identified from different Madaris in Africa and Europe. A strategy is under way and plans are been put together. 

2. Continue with the programme and reach out to all the Madrasah teachers of our community. 

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