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19 May 2022 / 17. Shawal 1443

Message from His Eminence Sayyid al Sistani (DZ) office in Najaf on Eid Ghadeer

We received the following message (translated) from His Eminence Sayyid al Sistani (DZ) office in Najaf on Eid Ghadeer following the President Al Hajj Safder Bhai Jaffer’s Eid wishes to Agha: 



Assalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakaatuh 


I thank you for your kind greeting message on Eid-e Ghadeer.


Mubarak to you and to all brothers and sisters in your community on this auspicious occasion beloved to the heart of the followers of Ahlulbayt (Peace be upon them). We beseech the Almighty Allah (swt) to keep us steadfast on the Wilayah of our Mawla Ameer al-Mu’mineen and the infallible Aimmah (Peace be upon them) and to increase our Towfeeq in following their guidance and walk on their path, and to remove the calamity and disease from you and from us and from all believers, indeed He is the All-Hearing who responds.

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