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19 May 2022 / 17. Shawal 1443

Muharram Lectures in Gujarati by Sheikh Moiseraza

Updated on 23/12/2013

The WF Production in partnership with Dar Es Salaam Jamaat has acquired the majalises recited in Gujarati by the renowned Sheikh Moiseraza of Paris in Dar Es Salaam at Mehfil E Abbas (a.s.) during Muharram 1434.

His lectures were largely received as inspirational and Mumineen have now an opportunity to listen to these lectures which will be screened on Hidayat TV on Sky platform channel 803 (UK) starting Thursday, 19 December 2013 at 7 pm (UK time) every evening (except Thursday at 7.30 pm after Dua Kumayl) until 30 December 2013.  They will also be available on line at

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