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01 December 2021 / 25. Rabi-Uth-Thani 1443

Obituary for Marhum Aunali Moledina

Salamun Alaikum, 


In the Name of Allah (swt), the Beneficent the Merciful




and those who, when affliction visits them say, indeed, we are from Him and unto Him we will return” (2:156)


With great sadness, The World Federation extends heartfelt condolences on the passing away of Marhum Aunali Fidahussein Rashid Moledina from Toronto. During this period of bereavement, we pray that the family find solace in the remembrance of the Masa’ib of our beloved Masumeen (as), taking strength from the fact that all else pales in comparison. Indeed our lives and deaths and all that we do is ultimately for Allah (swt) alone, and to Him we shall return.


The marhum had the community at heart and availed his time and warm hospitality whenever called upon. He was known to come out and seek the leadership to discuss and execute many schemes that he had in mind. He was at the forefront in raising funds for various projects and came up with innovative ideas to succeed in raising the targets required. He leaves a significant footprint in the success of our educational institutions,  especially in Mombasa and Toronto. He was instrumental as a director of MARC (the Mulla Asghar Resource Centre) to raise it to a level of great excellence. His quiet demeanor and pragmatic approach earned the respect and admiration of team members, as he selflessly sought excellence for each project he passionately participated in. Just a couple of months back, he had offered to assist our community in Africa with very affordable health cover.


A life well lived with dignity and service to humanity in the seerat of Ahlul Bayt (as). Always a quiet worker seeking no publicity but working and delivering solely for the pleasure of Allah (swt). He was a philanthropist and an ardent lover of the Ahlul Bayt (as).


Our prayers are with the family as they come to terms with the irreplaceable loss. We pray to Allah (swt) to grant his soul a high station in Jannah within the proximity of the Masumeen (as), Inshallah.

Iltimase Dua

Dr Hasnain Walji 

Chair of Khoja Heritage Project

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