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03 June 2023 / 14. Zil-Qad 1444

Pakistan Genocide Appeal Report: 201 widow families receive food rations

In November and December 2013, The World Federation gifted 201 widows with food rations to help feed their families. The martyred husbands of these widows were the breadwinners in their families and were killed in bomb blasts across Pakistan.  Download/View full report here.

In March 2013, The World Federation launched the ‘Pakistan Genocide Appeal’ to raise awareness about and donations to care for blast victims and families of targeted killings in Pakistan and other regions across the globe.

Wounded victims and grief-stricken families of those killed need support. Donations are used to cover a range of costs including:

• Medical treatments
• Ambulance charges
• Medicine
• Food rations and meals
• Widow and orphan support
• Education for the orphans
• Provisions for disabled victims
• Small business start-up for widow families

The World Federation would like to thank all of the donors who continue to support this appeal.

Download/View the full report here

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