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03 June 2023 / 14. Zil-Qad 1444

Residential Camp Held for Girls at Khandala

The World Federation, in partnership with Mumbai Jamaat, held a Residential Youth Camp for girls aged 10 to 15 years from 30th May to 1st June 2016. The camp was held at Khoja Sanatorium at Khandala Hill Station. This camp aimed to promote Islamic guidance and support, address social topics and work on personality development through gaming activities. 

The camp was attended by 31 girls of the community and supported by 7 mentors, 2 admin and 1 lead.

Mentors had to undergo a Mentor Development Program which was held on 28th and 29th May 2016. A highly motivated team was formed consisting of a Doctor, Madressa Teachers, an Entrepreneur and a Fitness Trainer. The camp Alima provided Islamic guidance and support.  All programmes were conducted by female professionals.

The camp was divided into lectures, assessments and personal development. At the beginning of the course, a surprise sight-seeing session was held wherein ice breaker activities were conducted. All lectures were designed to be interactive rather than a one-way communication.

Topics that were covered: Puberty, Taqleed, Importance of Namaz (especially Namaz e Shab), Public Speaking, Hero Worship, Western Influence, Time Management and Fitness amongst others.

Feedback from parents:

Aman Mookhi: My take away from the camp was that it made sure that the girls were regularly engaged in programs thereby making sure that they remained interested. The best part was that religious activities were also structured in a manner that made the girls motivated to perform. I am sure this experience will matter a lot in their religious, as well as personal lives, in the years to come.


Vazir Ali: The program arranged was superb and my daughter enjoyed every monent of it. Thanks for taking so much pain in organising each and every event of the camp. Hats off to your efforts. We as parents really appreciate the initiative taken by The World Federation to enlighten and educate our children. May God bless you with all the strength needed for organising year after year. My daughter is already in awe for the next camp. Thanks a lot JazakAllah.


'I am highly impressed by the popularity the Youth Courses have gained year-on-year. This time with the introduction of a formal Mentor Development Program the mentors have been more focused and have given their 100% in development of the youth. My special thanks to the mentors to have devoted their time and energy in making this course a success', says Shaykh Kumail Rajani, Head of Islamic Education Department of The World Federation of KSIMC.


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