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01 December 2023 / 18. Jamaad-Ul-Awwal 1445

Successful Recipients of the Hiridjee Foundation Student Loan 2014

The World Federation’s Education objective is to empower the Khoja community with the ability to improve their quality of life and this is achieved through Higher Education. Our goal is to enable growth and progress through education, creating a generation of skilled individuals who will work together to improve and strengthen their communities.

In the days, the community gave more importance in educating boys as they were considered to be the breadwinners to support the family.

This perspective has however radically changed and girls are given equal education opportunities to aspire for their chosen careers.

The Hiridjee Family Loan for Female Students has been one of the fundamental Loan Schemes that has been publicised for all community female students requiring financial assistance to achieve their goals and career aspirations. The Trust Fund has made a provision to sponsor two female students for up to a maximum of three years at GBP 10,000 p.a. Since 2008, the Hiridjee Family Loan for Female Students has been launched on a yearly basis with the exception of 2009 and 14 female students benefitted from 2008 to 2013.

This year The World Federation had an amazing turnaround of six applications for this generous and steady loan scheme. Four applicants were shortlisted and Mashallah each and every application looked promising. Their excellent academic performance in addition to their voluntary involvement in the community was commendable.  The Loan Application Committee (LAC), with the generous support of the Trust, decided to grant the loan to all four applicants.

The successful recipients of the 2014 Hiridjee Family Loan are: - 
Zamina Mustafa Hamza 
Zamina is a highly motivated, goal oriented and conscientious and has been an excellent student from the onset. She received a School of Life Scholarship from Aston University worth GBP 6,000 when doing her Masters in Biomedical Science. She is required to convert her overseas degree to be able to practice in the UK and hence needs to do one year of Post Graduate Diploma for Overseas Pharmacists. She has been granted GBP 9,500 for her course and will be studying in Aston University in Birmingham, UK.

Farzeen Kumayl Virjee
Farzeen is a very ambitious, highly motivated and goal oriented student. She has shown an excellent academic performance throughout. Being the first born, she has the knack, passion and patience to interact with children and hence chose to study Bachelor of Education at TAFE NSW in Sydney, Australia and will be moving to this exciting city with her husband.  She has been awarded with AUD 12,000 p.a for three years.

Afroze Zuhair Merchant
Afroze is very ambitious and is inspired to achieve in life to be able to give back to the community. She started fulltime employment straight after completing her “A” Levels. However her dream to study psychology continued to persist and has now decided to live her dream and pursue her degree in her chosen field.  She is actively involved in Madressa and community spearheaded projects by Birmingham Jamaat. She is awarded with GBP 10,000 p.a for three years and will be studying in Coventry University in Coventry, UK.

Nargis Aarif Shariff
Nargis is currently in her final year studying BSc of Arts (Major in Psychology and Minor in Counselling and Human Development) at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. Nargis has shown admirable results throughout her educational journey. The World Federation will be supporting towards Nargis’ final year at the university.  She has been awarded with a loan of CAD 15,000 to enable her to complete her degree.

We would like to congratulate the applicants who have successfully secured the advertised loan and wish each one of them success in all future endeavours.

‘Seeking knowledge is an obligation on every Muslim. Indeed how Allah loves those who strive in their quest for knowledge’ The Prophet (SAWA) [Al- Kafi]

The World Federation of KSIMC would like to take this opportunity to thank the Hiridjee Foundation for their generosity in providing loans for girls to pursue their higher education and achieve their life long dreams. We pray that Allah (SWT) continues to shower the family with blessings and grant them infinite rewards for their continued support towards the field of Higher Education. Ameen.

For any further queries, please contact us at [email protected]

Please click here if you wish tdonate towards such projects and make a difference in a student's education. 

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