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01 December 2023 / 18. Jamaad-Ul-Awwal 1445

Update from India May 2020

This week’s story comes from India, which highlights what a lot of people do not see in the lead up to a huge project.

As we all aware that India is one of the hardest-hit countries in terms of the pandemic especially when you take into account those who depend on their daily earnings to put food on the table. The ability to ensure that appropriate measures are taken to look after the volunteers and the recipients are equally as important. Thus, the humanitarian effort that goes behind this is immense and thus one can only pray for the donors, volunteers, and the well-wishers.

Thus, the machinery behind this gigantic effort involved:

  • Gathering data of all Khoja Shia Medical personnel across the country;

  • Distribution of n95 masks to all the Doctors of Gujarat for a period of more than 2 months who are practicing in the field. This distribution happened with the help of Husaini education welfare social trust;

  • Wearing PPE kits and working in hot summers is impossible and more so government guidelines for OPD practice does not recommend the same. However, to be on the safer side, surgical linen gowns, head caps and shoe covers distribution continued for the medical practitioners in the state of Gujarat. 

There was also quite a bit of activity around the community in *Ahmedabad Gujarat* by dinn e haqq committee. This included:

  • Providing PPE kits for burial committee member across the city for all ahle tashiyyos;

  • Volunteers from the committee worked tirelessly with temp guns and pulse oxymeter to keep a check on oxygen levels of any patient who had anxiety or were symptomatic. This allowed for timely guidance to be given to them for hospitalization with due safety precautions across the city for all ahle tasshiyos;

  • Mass distribution of vit d3 along with oxygen saturation check and temp check instruments will be undertaken next week (camp-based activity with legal norms fulfillment);

  • A helpline was set up for providing necessary information about Covid-19 and motivating symptomatic patients to hospitalize themselves at an appropriate point of time is.

  • The Volunteers were trained for in advance to provide the support.

One can only hope and pray for their safety and for their services to be accepted by Allah. May Allah have mercy on humanity.

Please donate to the COVID19 Emergency Appeal.




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