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06 December 2023 / 23. Jamaad-Ul-Awwal 1445

We Exist to Serve 2020

Over the last three years, the departments of The World Federation have worked intensively to serve you, the community.


We have provided Islamic Education through regular video releases, publications, and informative web sites, and reached out to other communities with our tableegh activities; we’ve provided humanitarian assistance across the globe with emergency aid and increasingly long-term sustainable solutions on your behalf; we’ve strengthened our sense of identity as a Khoja community through various initiatives in Khoja Heritage including the popular heritage tours; brought to fruition the Tarbiyah curriculum in many of our madaris that thousands of our children benefit from; run several community programmes alongside our regular services; provided education loans; launched the Khoja News web site to celebrate our successes, and so much more.


These are but the humble achievements of our dedicated volunteers and staff, all underpinned by YOUR support. Watch the videos below to see how much we've achieved together in the last three years. 


You can also download our easy-to-peruse annual reviews for the term 2017-2020:

We pray to Allah (SWT) to accept all our efforts. Ameen.

Watch each departmental video below:


Supporting our Students Through Education Loans 


Guiding the Community Spiritually   

Your Voice, Your Platform, Everything you Need to know about Khojanews 

Providing the Right Spiritual Resources for our Community 

ZCSS: Our flagship project 

Nurturing piety through our teachers and students 

KHP – Taking it back to our roots 

Marketing & Communications – Serving the Community Every Day 

Spreading Islam to the Corners of the World

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