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01 December 2023 / 18. Jamaad-Ul-Awwal 1445

Wills and Inheritance Workshops in India

Wills and Inheritance Workshop

The World Federation in India noticed there was a demand to educate our community on Wills and Inheritance as its part of our every-day life yet we haven't fully understand the in's and out of it. 

We held 4 Sessions in different locations and catered to almost 42 people in just one session! 

While wills and inheritance is an important aspect which has been elaborately explained in Islam and also covered in detail in Islamic Laws, there is seldom any detailed discussion on this topic neither in majalis not in madressa. It was observed that there is hardly any awareness in India around these topics.


Since people are not aware they make basic mistakes in matters of Inheritance and Wills. Also, many people may have difficulty following the rulings by reading the Islamic Laws book, as it may come across slightly complex. Hence we decided to stand ground and introduced this topic in an interactive workshop format.


These workshops were initially aimed for gents only. However, we will have similar workshops available for the ladies soon. 


Each session was planned for an average of 4 hours.


The workshops were facilitated by Maulana Sayyed Zaki Noori and co-facilitated by Br. Irfan Karim and Br. Asad Virani.


All workshops were presentation based and fully interactive by giving all participants a chance to clarify their doubts. Case scenarios were carefully designed and were handed over to the participants to solve in groups. A sample will and inheritance write up were given to all participants at the end of the workshops.


Below are the Dates, number of Participants and Venues we held each workshop on:





19th May 2018

Mehfil e Shah e Khurasan, Dongri


22:30 to 03:00

26th May 2018

Mehfil e Mustafa, Andheri


23:00 to 03:00

2nd June 2018

KSI Masjid, Bandra


22:30 to 03:30

9th June 2018

Haji Nazarali Imambargah,Kurla


23:00 to 03:30

Feedback from the Participants who attended the Workshop

"Slm. I would like to  thank both Bro Asad Virani & Bro Irfan  Karim, for organising such a wonderful workshop on

"Wills & Inheritance" It was splendid presentation very informative. Many concepts have been made clear. The workshop provided how to write a WILL as per Sharia...Looking forward to attending more workshops such as these."

Shabbir Panjwani 


"Sa. It was indeed a great step towards understanding the importance of the subject under discussion. Also, the relevant matter from Tawzeul Masael was presented in a simplified manner. Such workshops shall inevitably motivate the community towards the correct practice vis a vis the teachings of Quran and Ahlul bait (as). Thanks to Maulana Zaki Saheb and WF team as well."

- Dr Abbas Vakil


"Jazakallah Asad bhai and Irfan bhai. It was a very informative session and well managed. May Allah accept your efforts and grant you more taufiq to continue educating the community about important fiqh concepts and rulings."

- Wasim Halani


"Thanks for a fab workshop… it was really insightful and interesting (as expected!) Appreciate the insight that was provided, indeed valuable and relevant for everyone."

- Abbas Amir


"It was a very interactive and informative session and as usual a lot goes in organising the same. Word of Thanks is not enough for your efforts to you both Asad and Irfanbhai. Special Thanks to Maulana Zaki Noori and the accompanies. I will InshaAllah now incorporate the learning from the session into practical life.WF is seemed to do every bit to ensure the best is provided." 

- Sarfaraz Ghugharia


"Jazak Allah Khaira Br Asad and Br Irfan for working on topics which are not really easy to dissect. A lot goes to prepare such presentations to make it understood on a general layout. Special thanks to Maulana Zaki Hasan Noori Saahab, indeed one of the most learned Aalims we have today. Look forward to many more IA. May Allah swt give u more time and Taufeeq to arrange such programmes IA." 

- Kazim Mechant


"Alhamdolillah, today's session of Wills and Inheritance was very helpful in adding a wealth of knowledge.

We are very Thankful to Maulana Zaki Hasan Noori Sahab and the organiser and the whole team. May Allah, the almighty, give you all long life with Health with the rights of 14 masoom een a.s, Ameen. JazakAllah thanks was salaam"

- Imran Nathani 


"A special thanks to Maulana Zaki Hasan Noori Sahab & the World Federation organisers for taking the efforts in conducting such valuable workshops & covering the topic in the most beautiful way.

May Allah (swt) accept the efforts Be Haqqe AhleBait (as). I am looking forward to more workshops covering critical & important topics. Thanks once again.... Jazakallah"

- Sadique Virani

"Excellent and very well organised. Although the topic of Will is very vast and complex but the way it was explained was awesome. We spend almost 3.5 hours but didn't feel how and when time passed during the session. Thanks to Maulana Sahab and Irfan bhai for taking this session and to Asad bhai (WF) as well for organising the same"

- Aliasgar Panjwani

Pictures from the workshops. 


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