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09 June 2023 / 20. Zil-Qad 1444

World Federation India Office Successfully Organized Sehri Group Discussion Sessions during the Holy Month of Ramadhan

Updated 13 August 2013

The sessions were held on Saturday nights from 11pm to 3am. The timing of the sessions were close to mid-night so as to get everyone’s proper attention and not to get disturbed by phone calls or other appointments during the sessions. The locations chosen were close to the Community centre in Mumbai so as to make it convenient for all to attend.

The aim of the sessions was to inculcate group discussions under the guidance of Aalims and Professionals. This was as per the Objectives of India office. Both the speakers were given specific topics to discuss on. The format of the sessions were kept very casual and the participants were encouraged to ask questions to the speakers and clear their doubts as and when they arise. The medium of instructions was English and Hindi.

The participants included Students, Chartered Accountants, Bankers and Business-Men. The target age group was 20 to 35 years.

Tea & Snacks were served during the discussions to keep the energy levels high and avoid making the sessions very formal.

Session 1

13th July 2013


Maulana Roohe Zafar Sahab

Topic: Stages of Worship


Dr. Sadiq Uttanwala
Topic: Social Service for the betterment of the society

Session 2

20th July 2013

Maulana Ehsan Haider Jawadi Sahab

Topic: Importance of Marjaeat


Br. Imran Rasool
Topic: How to use media effectively for tableegh

Session 3

27th July 2013

Maulana Zulfikar Mehdi Rizvi Sahab

Topic: Business Ethics as per Islam


Agha Mohammed Raza Dodhiya

Topic: Islamic Studies in the current era

Session 4

3rd August 2013

Maulana Zaki Hasan Noori Sahab

Topic: Ramadhan ends, Fasts continue

The sessions were very well accepted by the speakers and the participants; even though the concept of having Group Discussions was very new. The participants got a chance to clear their doubts on various aspects of life and Islam.

The youth have requested The World Federation to continue such sessions on regular basis and not restrict them to just the Holy Month of Ramadhan.

Sayyed Aliraza Naqvi (ASG of Islamic Education) says: “I’m glad to see more progress by The World Federation India Office. Alhamdoillah the community is benefiting and the programmes are being successfully executed keeping the office’s objectives in mind. May Allah (swt) accept all our Ibadat of the Holy Month - Ameen”

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