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01 December 2023 / 18. Jamaad-Ul-Awwal 1445

Youth Conference 2020


Click Here to see the pannelist poster

The World Federation is excited to announce our first inaugural Youth Conference to be held in Mombasa, Kenya from Friday 13th March to Sunday 15th 2020. This conference is for both male and female delegates aged between 18 - 30 yrs old.

The conference will be split up into three parts:

1. Personal Development: Listen to talks from renowned speakers on topics such as how to boost your soft skills, how to build a network, how to inculcate a can-do attitude and how to public speak.

2. Discussion: Delegates will have a chance to discuss contemporary issues of female empowerment and social vices, finding out the root of these problems and then collectively discuss ways to solve them.

3. Solutions and Presentation: Delegates will get a chance to draft solutions to the problems outlined and conduct constructive debates with one another. The final solutions will be put up for a vote, and the successful ideas which are passed will be presented at the main The World Federation conference.

This conference is unique as it will couple empowerment with discussion and debate providing both a learning opportunity as well as ample room for participation. You will also be able to network with each other and get a taste as to how The World Federation works, whilst also being in with a chance to influence the current policy.

It would be incredible to provide solutions to problems faced by the youth by the youth themselves. Not only will you have the greatest understanding of these problems, but you can combine this with your creative edge and make an impactful difference to the lives of Khoja youth around the world.



Mohammad Karim - Chair

Mohammad is a first year undergraduate at the University of Warwick studying Philosophy, Politics and Law (PPL). He is the founder of MMK Public Speaking which aims to empower young men and women with key soft skills that aren’t addressed in the curriculum such as oratory. He is a keen debater having won awards at international conferences in St Petersburg and London.

In his free time, Mohammad enjoys playing tennis, running and supporting Arsenal.

Ali Fazel - Speaker on Networks

Ali is a 2nd-year student at the University of Birmingham studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics. At the age of 18 he ran for the local council in Birmingham and he continues to play an active role in the political arena in the West Midlands. Moreover, he works in marketing for the Conservative Party and for the Mayor of the West Midlands.

In his spare time, Ali is a keen debater and food enthusiast!

Ejaz Bhalloo - Speaker on Public Speaking

Ejaz is a renowned motivational speaker From Tanzania and an author of 5 Books. He is 20 years of age and is currently pursuing a degree in business management. He is the founder and CEO of EBI, a Self Development training firm.

For recreation, Ejaz enjoys swimming and reading books. He does not easily get out of the pool.

Fatema Dewji - Facilitator on Female empowerment

Fatema was recognised as one of Africa's most influential women and she is the author of undergraduate studies in Finance and Management. In 2010, she started working at MeTL, one of the largest business houses in Africa. Fatema is the marketing head of MeTL and founder of Educate, Empower & Inspire—a platform she uses to inspire those around her.

In her spare time, she is an avid golfer, having picked up the club from a very young age. She is also a fitness enthusiast.


Kumayl Gulamhussein - Facilitator on social vices

Kumayl is at University College London (UCL) studying Arts and Sciences. Kumayl has built up his love of public speaking from his award-winning days as a Model United Nations delegate. He is also a prominent member of the Al Haadi Youth team in Stanmore.

In his spare time, he loves to play football with his friends.

Hassan Dewji - Can-Do-Attitude

Hassan is the Director of People at METL (Mohammed Enterprises Tanzania Limited) and in his role he has established a fully functional human resource structure for Tanzania’s most prominent business which employs over 20,000 people. He is also a youth mentor, developing the capability of young men and women in Tanzania.

In his spare time, he works in the social sector as the Secretary of Bilal Muslim Mission.

"We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future "

- Franklin D Roosevelt

Sign up today and make sure you give yourself a chance to be part of a groundbreaking solution to some of the key challenges facing our youth today.

If you are would like to attend but are facing some financial constraints, please talk to your local Region Federation (email addresses below) privately. For all general queries please contact: [email protected].


What is the conference planning to tackle? There are many issues that our youth face today. The aim of this conference will be to talk about how our youths can move out of the mode of surviving and into the mode of thriving. We will focus on how to build leadership capacity amongst the youth which will enable them to take the lead in their home towns to address these challenges. Moreover, we will also be addressing some of these issues and get a greater understanding of the causes and the solutions.


What will be my role as a delegate? This conference is aimed to be as interactive as possible. It can only be successful if you speak and contribute to the discussion. Moreover, we would also like you to take the learning points from the conference back to your Jamaats and empower youth using the material. The empowerment of youth should be an organically growing process.


Do I need lots of previous experience? Great amounts of experience is not needed. We would like to see the passion for the community and whilst this is mostly demonstrated through volunteerism within the community, there are other ways you can demonstrate this. However, some previous experience within the community is desirable.


Will there we financial subsidies available for my travel? Yes, as flights to Mombasa could be quite costly, there is an opportunity to apply for subsidies pending you meet the criteria of your local Federation Region. Please email your local Federation for more information and they will process this request in full confidentiality.

Regional Fe deration  Email Address:
Africa Federation [email protected]

India Federation

[email protected]


[email protected]
Federation of Australasian Communities  [email protected]

Pakistan Federation

[email protected]
NASIMCO [email protected]
Dubai [email protected]

For any other questions contact: [email protected].  

We look forward to welcoming you.

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