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22 April 2024 / 13. Shawal 1445

The World Federation gifts 7 new wells and 5 hand pumps – Pakistan

The World Wildlife Fund reported that by 2025, Pakistan will be on the brink of a major water shortage, with 33 percent less water than it needs. Already, too few dams exist to contain rainwater and millions of gallons flow out to sea each year. In 2010 and 2011 alone, it was reported that nearly 18 million gallons of water streamed out to sea. Today, millions of Pakistanis have no access to clean drinking water and farmers don’t have enough irrigation water to grow good crops.

According to United Press International, “an Asian Development Bank report called Pakistan one of the most water-stressed countries in the world, not far from being classified as water-scarce.”

The World Federation’s Ali Asghar Water Appeal endeavors to provide clean drinking water in areas of deprivation by building water wells and hand pumps. Thanks to the generous contribution of donors, The World Federation recently completed the construction of 7 new water wells and 5 hand pumps in Pakistan’s rural communities.

5 Water Wells – District Chakwal
• Well No. 1 - built next to an Islamic School where 100 resident students, 1,000 people who attend Friday prayers and a number of families who live nearby benefit every day from this fresh water source
• Well No. 2 - provides water to a number of families in a village who had to walk long distances to fetch clean water
• Well No. 3 - provides water to residents of 6 nearby flats and 20 other families who also live in the vicinity
• Well No. 4 – installed in a village where all of the residents are sayyids; for so many years, they were drinking polluted water which was all they could access 
• Well No. 5 – provides clean water to 10 sadaat families



1 Water Well – Hangu, Pakistan
1 Water Well – DI Khan, Pakistan



5 Hand Pumps
• 3 hand pumps in Villages of Nizamabad, Awanabad and Chotianwala - Initially it was planned to renovate the already existing water system by providing a submersible pump and a bigger water tank; however, because of an acute shortage of electricity in the area, the villagers requested that 3 separate hand pumps be built instead. 20 to 30 families in each of these villages are benefiting from the new hand pumps.
• 1 hand pump in Village Dawuchwala – built adjacent to an Islamic Centre which has no water system of its own. A new water tank has also been built here where visitors to the Islamic Centre and 30 resident families now have access to clean water.

• 1 hand pump in Village Mir Ali Khail - A 200 foot bore already existed here but the system was not functional. The bore was cleaned, a two inch diameter casing and an electric motor were installed; as well, a new water tank has been provided.



The World Federation’s ongoing initiative – the Ali Asghar Water Appeal (AAWA) needs your support. Working in partnership with The Africa Federation, CoEJ, NASIMCO and Pakistan Federation, The World Federation is working hard to fulfill water and sanitation rights in the developing world.  Your donation allows us to build water wells and toilets in areas of deprivation. Please support the Ali Asghar Water Appeal with a donation today.

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For more information or to sponsor a water well or sanitation project, please email [email protected]

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